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   Tape Trading

             What we have, and what we need


We are in pretty good shape with Tad and Dixie history. The 'Holic tape collection goes from early scenes of Tad and Dixie's first meeting in Myrtle's Boutique where Tad slickly stated "Heaven help me, I've just forgotten every woman I've ever met," upon seeing Dixie [Little did he know how true that would be!] all the way through Dixie's funeral [WAH!] However, we are missing a chunk in the middle (circa February - May 1989). Anything early T&D, like the Boutique scene and the McKay's scenes that follow it, until Tad claims paternity of Junior in front of Adam and Brooke is what we need. We are especially curious about a scene from early 89 where Tad is fascinated with Dixie's twangy accent and makes her say silly things just to hear it. "I took my hamster to the ice capades." LOL We are willing to trade tapes, or even copy tapes for others in need. There is no charge [it is illegal to do so] but we do ask that you supply the videotapes. Can't wait til we get them all on DVD! If you want a tape or have a tape that we need ... please post on our messageboard. (Link to the board is on the left) There is a section for Tape Trading there.






























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