Soap Opera Digest's December 26, 1989 issue:

A Satisfied Customer
ALL MY CHILDREN has struck gold with the pairing of Dixie and Tad.  Separately, Cady McClain and Michael E. Knight are great actors, but together they're dynamite.  Their scenes are both touching and humorous.  Thank you AMC, for giving us this terrific couple, and thanks Cady and Michael for giving us joy every day.
F.M. Cusack, West Chicago, IL


SOU Jan. 1 1990 issue: 

On ALL MY CHILDREN, I really would like to see Jackson and Erica together. I hope they now can work on having a real relationship. I do think they will make a wonderful couple. Tad and Dixie make a very cute couple. I’m glad though that Dixie finally admitted to Tad that she does love him. Adam is too old for her, but I do think she should have her son and Tad. I hope the custody battle works out in her favor. Adam is no good; he shouldn’t raise any children… 

Susan Ramos, Las Vegas, NV


SOW November 27, 1990 issue:


 Thanks to the writers of AMC for bringing Tad (MEK) and Dixie (Cady McClain) back together. They are truly a loving couple with lots of chemistry. I’m glad AMC is focusing on love, marriage and happy families. Every marriage has its ups and downs, but they don’t all have to end in divorce.

 D. Mills, Monroe, NC


Soap Opera Digest's December 25, 1990 issue:

Opening mail around here can be a real adventure.  Here's the gist of a recent batch of letters:
Hottest Topic:  Stephen Nichols's departure from DAYS left viewers deeply moved but incensed with the coffin switcheroo.  Perhaps the door for his return could've been left open in a more subtle way?  ALL MY CHILDREN's Tad and Dixie should be together forever.


SOU October 5, 1993


I truly enjoyed your article on Cady McClain of ALL MY CHILDREN. She's been the main reason why I've watched AMC over the past few years. I think she is one of the many underrated actresses on daytime. Luckily, the producers and writers realize her talent and always provide her with a frontburner storyline. Now, with Michael Knight back, I am just waiting for them to finally put Tad and Dixie back together. It's infuriating that they decided to marry Tad and Brooke and have Michael Knight play this Ted Orsini, who is just another obstacle for Tad and Dixie. I am glad Michael and Cady are now on‑screen together more often because of his double duty, but I want Dixie with Tad not Ted.

Connie Olivieria, New Bedford, MA



SOU Nov 30, 1993 issue:

Fans of AMC are very vocal about the relationship between Tad and Dixie. While some believe they are destined to be together, others think that Dixie does not deserve to have Tad back. “No one better tell me that Tad and Dixie don’t have great chemistry. I’m waiting for Tad to realize he married the wrong person and get back to loving Dixie,” writes Sandra Saxon of Pennsylvania. While Vera Adelino of New Jersey asks, “Would someone please take Dixie off the pedestal that everyone seems to think  she should be on? She had no second thoughts when she pursued and slept with Adam, and then lied about his being the father of her baby.”


Soap Opera Digest's April 26, 1994 issue:
I am among the millions of fans who are happy that Tad (Michael E. Knight) and Dixie (Cady McClain) are back together again on ALL MY CHILDREN.  Everyone in Pine Valley knows that Dixie and Tad belong together -- I don't feel sorry for Brooke.  I hope the AMC writers allow this couple to have happiness and a long, loving relationship without another separation of any kind.  My hat goes off to actors Michael E. Knight and Cady McClain for their fantastic portrayal of the characters.  They are the best.
D.M.F., Williamsport, PA


SOW July 11, 2000 issue: 


As a new viewer to AMC, one of the first things I noticed is how great Dixie is. I enjoyed her recent scene with David. While I don’t think they have romantic chemistry, they have good friendship chemistry. They care about each other in a platonic way, which is refreshing on a soap.

But with Tad, Dixie is just hot! These two set my screen on fire. I loved how they couldn’t keep their hands off each other in the park. At the diner after she found him I the desert, they were so sweet. I love how they held each other so close as they danced. The song in the background was beautiful. I hope Tad and Dixie get more sweet, romantic scenes like that soon. 

Sandy White, Melbourne, FL