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Thank you to Ann Marie for providing a great deal of info & pictures.

Michael E. Knight Cady McClain

Short Takes - Michael

1/1/90      Knight of Daytime

3/26/90    Future Plans

4/5/94     The Wedding

4/10/01   Picture Perfect

2/06        Knight Moves (pt 2)

7/06        MEK Gold Star

10/06      MEK Performer of the Week

11/06     Knight Moves (pt 2)













Short Takes - Cady

6/3/89      Heart of Dixie

1/1/90      The Bride

3/26/90    Future Plans

6/26/90    Whistlin' Dixie

11/90       Sophisticated Cady

1/1/91     Goodbye Party

1991       Moonlighting

2/9/93     A Valentine

4/5/94     The Wedding

5/17/94   Dixie's Pre-Wedding Album

10/98     Take Five

7/11/00   Sweet Temptation

3/27/01  Lighten Up

8/03       Going With the Ro

4/06       A Saint No More (pt 2)

8/04       Cady SOW Chatterbox

7/06       Cady - Performer of the Week

9/06       The Life Aquatic (pt 2)

Fan Letters

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Tad & Dixie Articles

1989       Best Show

1989       Critic's Opinion

8/21/90   Food Facts

2/5/91     Knight @ White House

2/1/93     Reunion Ratings

11/30/93 In Love, In Danger

4/5/94     Will T&D Live Happily Ever After?

4/06       Come Together, Come Apart  (pt 2)

9/06        Love Is Blind (MEK & Cady)

11/06    SID: Found & Lost

11/06    SID: Super Soap 2006 Schedule & Question


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