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Anyone watching Y&R now?

WishingStar's Photo WishingStar 25 Apr 2014

Y&R got me! I miss seeing Cady so much I've started watching. Luckily, it's not too hard to keep up with because Y&R has done a pretty decent job of keepign the characters through the years, so I know some back-history from when I used to read all the soap magazines from cover to cover!

Anyway, I didn't know if anyone else has started watching and wants to chat. So, here it goes.

It's soooo weird seeing 6 actors from AMC (I think I counted 6 but there could be more) on Y&R: Of course there's Cady, then Peter Bergman (ex-Cliff AMC), David Tom (ex-Paul Cramer for a few episodes), Elizabeth Hendrickson (ex-Maggie/Frankie who is leaving Y&R soon), Melissa Claire Egan (ex-Annie), and Amelia Heinle (ex-Mia).

There are half a dozen ABC actors on Y&R, too, so that makes it interesting as well: Tristan Roger, (ex-Robert, GH), Jessica Collins (ex-Dinah Lee, Loving), Steve Burton (ex-Jason, GH), Sharon Case (ex-Dawn, GH).

So, I turn on Y&R and see "Dixie" making out with her cousin Nina's husband, "Cliff" and Maggie and Annie arguing. Then, Mia and Paul are fighting, making out, then fighting again. Jason and Dinah-Lee are all on each other while Robert's conning his wife and son. Poor Dawn is being driven insane...probably with trying to keep up with all these characters! lol BUT, the best episode was when they had the B&B crossover and Jacob Young was on as Rick Forrester. I kept hoping the writers would be kind and have Cady and Jacob in a scene...alas.... I can imagine it was super weird a few years ago when Melissa Claire Egan and Billy Miller were both on when they had recently left AMC as brother and sister and on Y&R they were involved. Ick factor!

So, on to the REAL show! lol:

The first day I started watching was when Cynthia Watross was still playing Kelly. I was definitely not impressed with the character, though to be fair she only had a few lines. But, I can see what people were talking about when they say that Kelly is kind of a blah character. I got all giggly when Cady came on but it REALLY messed with my head with Kelly and Jack (Peter Bergman) flirting. I have to admit, though, I don't see this pair working out and don't see any chemistry at all. But, I'm also spoiled by this insane chemistry Cady had with MEK and even Hunt Block (ATWT). From what I can piece together, Kelly came to town and slept with Billy and caused all kinds of trouble and now everyone hates her. It's different seeing Cady in this role because she's nothing like Dixie or Rosanna. But, maybe the writers need time to warm up to her. It can't be easy going from a sub-par actress like Watros to a two-time Emmy winner like Cady who has a huge fanbase from AMC and ATWT.

The other stories are also somewhat interesting. It's different watching Y&R because it's slower and not as dramatic as AMC or GH (which I watch now). One thing I have always liked about Y&R (I used to pop my head in once in a while) is that it's not a constant, over-the-top catfight every single episode with the characters, especially the women. On AMC the women used to walk around pissed off all the time and come into a room swinging instead of easing into the climax; it got annoying after a while.

But, I'm trying to get into the show because I do miss Cady so much. I'm hoping they'll need to delve more into Kelly's past with an ex who comes to town...and that ex would be played by....... :)

Claudine's Photo Claudine 25 Apr 2014

LOL I'm watching too. I started about a month ago so I'd know what was going on once she started.

Kelly's child was killed, her marriage fell apart because of it... and she was in grief counselling with Billy. Billy's kid was also killed (in an accident with the Adam character who is being recast because the actor kept groping a young co-star) and Victoria couldn't relate. That lead him to get comfort and understanding elsewhere... from the grief group. One night, crying over the kids... Kelly & Billy had a ONS grief sex.

Kelly knows Stich (aka Ben, the doctor that VIctoria is now screwing). She knows why his wife divorced him and left the country with thier kid. Kelly refers to Stich as a murderer. It's not yet been revealed what he did. But I suppose that will blow up on him once he and Victoria get closer.

Frankly, I wish they had come to an agreement with Billy Miller (ex-AMCer) who used to play Billy. He was a powerhouse actor even on AMC playing crazy Annie's brother. Charming guy too from what I recall of fan events. Easy and fun to look at. LOL No disrespect to David Tom, but I think there's something missing with Billy/Victoria without Billy Miller.

I don't find Victoria very sympathetic, which surprises me. I like Stich better. And feel bad for Billy, but he's too much boy not enough man. I can't see him and Cynthia Watros (who looked older than she was IMHO) together.

I do like Peter Bergman's Jack and have enjoyed the flirtations with he and Kelly. So far it's not T&D or Paul & Rosanna for me... but let's see where this goes. I have a feeling when they recast Phyllis we'll see a triangle for a while.

If you think the ICK factor would have been high with Melissa Claire Egan and Billy Miller.... how about Heather Tom (Ex-Victoria) being married to David Tom (Billy) eWWWWWWWW! Her real life brother.

WishingStar's Photo WishingStar 28 Apr 2014

So Kelly is a main character I hope. I can't wait to see more of Cady and see how she tackles this new role. IMO, she's one of the best actresses on Y&R.

Claudine's Photo Claudine 29 Apr 2014

The character is recurring. Let's hope we get to see more of her.

Fearsome Foursome's Photo Fearsome Foursome 04 May 2014

I have started watching Y&R again, but only for Jack and Kelly's scenes. Cady looks gorgeous, and she has great chemistry with Peter. Of course, I cannot think of anyone she hasn't had great chemistry with! I am very curious to see where they take these two!

SongBird's Photo SongBird 25 May 2014

I actually started watching, also. Mainly because I am unemployed and need something to do other than endlessly fill out job applications. (Think I have a good lead on something, finally. Wish me luck!) I, too, started back when Cynthia Watros was still in the role.

This was quite an adventure for me because I knew close to nothing about Y&R. I think pretty much the only thing I knew was that Bergman's character and Eric Braeden's character were some kind of rivals. Other than that, I've seen some of the Y&R actors Emmy reels through the years, but I never retained anything.

So, I was basically starting it from scratch. Some general thoughts.

1. Here's the thing I have been MOST impressed with: The level of character integration. That is freaking amazing! I'm also watching GH right now. The difference in character integration between these two is astounding. I commented on this to a friend of mine. She knows that I am pretty geeky and love statistics. She told me I should track this over a few weeks and do a bubble chart. LOL We'll see. If I don't get this new job next week and then get REALLY bored I just might do it! Because lack of character integration is something I really hate about GH. (You know, other than them splitting up Kevin and Lucy. WELP! Couldn't even bring myself to watch their scenes on Friday.)

2. It is indeed kind of weird to see so many actors I know from other shows. I'm still feeling a bit weird about Cady and Peter Bergman being a romantic storyline together. (At least half my brain still thinks he's Cliff and she's Dixie.) Though, I do kind of like where the show has gone with that romance. I like that it doesn't feel too fast, which is something I was worrying about what with the looming Phyllis re-introduction. (And because other Y&R watchers I know told me Jack is a character who always seems to move extremely fast in relationships.) I like that the characters are just having fun together. That is nice for the show to establish considering what is inevitably coming down the pike. I'd say they have some potential. Those same Y&R watching friends also told me they didn't believe Phyllis was intending to stay with Jack before her accident. And with Y&R recasting Phyllis with a younger actress it makes me think the story could be more interesting than a standard triangle. There seems a lot of potential to spin this story out into other stories in the future.

3. Cady's character needs some backstory development ASAP. This character felt very bland to me when Cynthia Watros was playing her. I actually thought Peter Bergman was working his booty off trying to generate some chemistry there and Watros wasn't giving much back. And Cady's only been able to improve on that because she has so much charisma and screen presence. The character is still pretty much a blank canvas. I was kind of hoping the show would use the romance with Jack to reveal a bit more about the character. So far.... not really. Though, it seems to me they dropped a big hint on Tuesday that Stitch somehow killed Kelly's father.

** As an aside, them talking about Vivialdi is extremely hilarious to me, someone with two degrees in classical music. Y&R writers have clearly been using Wikipedia as a reference there. When Kelly referred to a violin concerto as her favorite song I nearly cried with laughter. Nice attempt, Y&R writers. (Or maybe Cady just botched the line?) Next time consult someone who actually likes classical music. I was so tempted to tweet the correction to Cady, but I figure it probably won't come up again. They did much better in Kelly/Jack's appreciation for "Vertigo". That was some spot on analysis.**

4. It is freaking awesome how many older characters Y&R has! I am amazed at how many viable characters over age 35 this show has. Man, AMC was quite bereft of older characters in its later years. This also means that Y&R has a noticeable lack of younger characters.

5. Tristan Rogers is still awesome! I still love him, even though he'll likely always be Robert Scorpio to me. Still, I really like his scenes with Jess Walton. I think they are really funny together. Even though I'm still not entirely sure what they are arguing over. I suppose I could look it up, but I'm having more fun trying to figure things out as I go.

6. Really surprised that Y&R actually fired David Tom and is replacing Billy. I mean, yeah, I definitely noticed the lack of chemistry between him and Amelia Heinle. But, I figured that would have smoothed out over time. I actually thought David Tom was excellent in scenes within the Abbott family. Loved him with Bergman and Jess Walton. I also thought he was doing a fine job in scenes with Melissa Claire Egan. But, I guess if Y&R wants to salvage the Billy/Victoria story, then they are just giving up and are switching actors. To someone who looks a lot older. Yeah, it was kind of ridiculous to imagine David Tom's Billy as sleeping with Cynthia Watros's Kelly. Actually, I couldn't even picture David Tom with Cady McClain. Still,.... it seems like something that could have been resolved with some time and better character pairings. Oh well. (Never saw Billy Miller in the role.)

7. I'm really not liking Victoria. I'm hoping the change in Billys might actually improve this character, too. REALLY, REALLY don't like Stitch. Liking him less and less as the story goes on. He's really starting to seem like an overbearing creep, approaching stalker levels. Like, he's actually making me sympathize with Billy, which is kind of weird. It was outrageous when he looked at Victoria's medical files and she just blew that off like it was nothing. Ick. I hate the creepy message that sends. I now wonder if the original intent was to make Kelly the bad character and Stitch the good guy, but the writers have reversed this when they recast Cady as Kelly. (See point #3 above.)

8. Steve Burton is still dull as a plank of wood. But, I am really happy he's gone from GH, so I guess that's okay. And I don't care about his character on Y&R in the slightest. Probably because he's dull. I like Jessica Collins though, so it'd be nice to see her do something besides a silly cooking show. Isn't her character a lawyer??

9. The whole Victor/Sharon/Mariah story is wonderfully soapy. I have no attachment to any of these characters, so it makes this story super fun. Aw, how nice that Josh Morrow and Sharon Case have been there so long that Y&R could run those flashbacks from so long ago for them in this story! I bet fans of that couple really loved that.

10. The story with Neil and Hilary is completely hilarious. And Y&R fans warned me JACK moves fast? LOL!! This is totally hilarious. Neil and Hilary have been doing nothing but having secret sex for 3 weeks, and now they're in love and moving in together. LOL, what? I have some hopes that Y&R is doing this to show Neil having some sort of midlife crisis, but I'm not entirely sure the writer's see it that way? I actually quite like all the actors in this story. I think they are all doing their best to sell this, even though it is kind of ridiculous. I totally love how incredulous and upset Devon and Lily are. And Neil bitching at *them* for being rude to Hilary, and pulling the "I'm your father!" and "Don't be rude/disrespectful!" cards. LOL. Hello, Neil? If you obviously don't give a crap about the feelings of your own children, then you can't bitch at them for being rude. I loved in Friday's episode when Neil tells Jack about this, and Jack can only muster up, "I hope you know what you're doing" as a response. But, obviously, said quite politely. And all of the tantrums Lily and Devon are throwing don't upset Neil, but Jack's lack of support worries him. LOL This all just so, so, so funny. I'm not sure it is supposed to be this funny, but I don't think I care. (This is where it is probably a HUGE benefit to be a somewhat new viewer to the show.)

**There is a wonderful contrast to be made here in how Neil is treating Devon and Lily vs how Jack is responding to Summer's concerns over Kelly. Though, yes, I get that Jack and Summer have a much more tenuous connection than Neil/Devon/Lily. Still, both Neil and Jack are going ahead and doing what they want, but they are treating the concerns of their children very differently. Actually, the reverse look is also a nice contrast. How Lily/Devon are acting vs how the much younger Summer is behaving. Hmmm, it seems that when the father treats his child seriously and discusses the situation maturely, that the child reacts in a much more mature way. I know Jack said he didn't want to give advice, but... maybe he should have.**

11. Finally, in the few months I have watched this show I have concluded that Jack Abbott should be running the gossip column in GC. It is amazing how many of the characters talk to him about all their problems and family scandals. As I said, I am very impressed by the character integration on this show. It seems like a lot of the characters really do get around and talk about things with a bunch of other characters. It really helps to sell the feeling that everyone in town knows everything about everyone else. But, Jack Abbott *really* gets around. He doesn't really seem to talk about his own issues to anyone, excepting the couple of times he's talked to Billy or Summer about Kelly. But, seemingly everyone else feels free to tell him all about their problems. I'm pretty sure this has been my primary method of gaining information about the characters: By listening to what characters say to Jack.

WishingStar's Photo WishingStar 25 May 2014

First, fingers crossed for you in your job hunt!

ICAM more about Steve Burton. He left GH to try a new role but Dillon is just Jason without the black t-shirts and gun. He and Avery are quite boring to me and this cooking show aspect is also quite boring. Is it supposed to be some kind of shocker when it turns out Dillon's dad is the producer, which is where I see this going?

I started watching soaps when I was 10 (back in the 90s) and used to get every soap magazine possible and would read all the articles, whether I watched the soap or not so I was able to jump into Restless a little bit easier, seeing how the majority of the characters are still on the show which is quite unique. I remember (reading about) when Nick and Sharon met and had that love quadrangle. I think Restless has done a great job keeping characters---and actually many of the same actors--which really allows a fan to get attached and stay that way.

I'm not I love with Jack and Kelly honestly. Phyllis will come back and Kelly's going to get dumped. :( She needs a plan B now so we can keep seeing Cady! BTW Gina Tognoni as new-Phyllis? Is she even old enough to play Phyllis? She just doesn't have, IMO, the same strong presence that is needed for the character.

I'm hoping Kelly's hubby will come onto the show and they'll cast MEK!

I was just starting to really like Chloe and now she's leaving! Don't know much about new Billy but David Tom wasn't doing it for me. IA no chemistry between he and Amelia. BTW I'm getting the sense that Billy has slept with nearly every single woman in Genoa City.

Stitch is hot but he's also going to get back burnered when Victoria and Billy get back together.

Finally, I can see why Restless fought to get back Christel Khalil (I think I'm semi close with the name). I think Lily is a great character and well-written. She gets her point across without being too over the top (That's one thing AMC was never good at, IMO: all the women turned into hysterical, crazy, brats when they were angry which was all the time! They'd walk into a room with guns drawn!)

As long as Cady's on I will keep watching but I definitely have my Fast forward characters already.

SongBird's Photo SongBird 25 May 2014

I'm still trying not to FF. Because the character integration on Y&R is so good, there is a lot of value in watching everything. Especially when my purpose is to try to figure out who all the characters are and what they are like. Characters on Y&R do a lot of sitting around and talking about their issues with each other.

Still, Steve Burton has been FF material on GH for me for so long, that it is now almost habit. I find myself reaching for that FF button as soon as I see his face. LOL. I cannot describe how happy I am that he is no longer sucking up airtime on GH. OMG, he is so dull. It is excruciating to watch him in scenes with freaking Ray Wise! RAY WISE! He's an actual GOOD actor. I swear, it is like Ray Wise is talking to a wall anytime they have a scene together. Yeesh.

As I said, I am liking Jack/Kelly for now. But, it is entirely a surface relationship so far. Because Kelly isn't a well developed character. I have no problem with soap characters hanging out, dating, having sex, etc in the beginning of the relationship. It's actually kind of nice to see a soap romance that doesn't start out so intense and over dramatic. But, yeesh, if the plan is to bring Phyllis back in 2 months or so, Y&R better give Kelly something to work with.

Because... yeah. Is Cady just airing to have Kelly hang out until Phyllis wakes up? Or, do they intend to have the character stick around? If the latter, then Y&R REALLY needs to make her a stronger character ASAP.

Gina Tognoni is younger than Cady McClain and a LOT younger than Michelle Stafford. I think she's 20 years younger than Peter Bergman? I thought she was okay on OLTL. I'm not sure she could carry Y&R that way Michelle Stafford allegedly did.

Yes, Christel Khalil is a lot of fun. I quite like Kristoff St John also. Even if I find the story ridiculously funny. The actors are clearly having fun, so it makes it fun to watch.

Edited to add: Oh! Here's something I meant to post the first time re: Jack/Kelly: I am WAY impressed by Jack's courting abilities. My jaw dropped when I saw those flowers he had at the condo picnic on the floor he set up. Wow. That is quite a picnic. The flowers were amazing!

LuvTadnDixie's Photo LuvTadnDixie 11 Jan 2015

Funny, I wouldn't say I'm REALLY watching Y&R. But when set my DVR in the morning, I do look for Kelly's name in the program description. And if I see Kelly's name, I will tape the show. I just want to see Cady. I haven't been on this website in a while because my computer was sooooooooo slooooow. You know you need a new computer when you click on something and have to walk out of the room for 20 minutes and then come back to see if anything has happened on your screen. I have a new PC now, and I still watch T&D on You Tube all the time! I just never get tired of watching them. I even watch the clips on T&D Facebook too!