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Tad refuses to leave Zurich

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Posted 15 June 2005 - 03:44 PM

Blech!: We packed up dixie's things. There's nothing left to do.
Tad: Except say good-bye? That i won't do. Not while there's still a chance.
Blech!: You talked to the swiss police. You saw the -- you saw where dixie's car went over.
Tad: I didn't see dixie. I don't care what the police said. Part of me still expects her to walk through that door.
Blech!: I understand, believe me, about not wanting to let go. I just don't think that you should hold on to false hope.
Tad: Why? Give me one good reason.
Blech!: I'll give you two -- J.R. And Lamie, your sons.
Tad: Blech!, if i can't cope with dixie's death, what am i going to do with Lamie?
Blech!: You need to help him get through this.
Tad: How?
Blech!: Just be there.
Tad: And what? What? Tell him she's in a better place? Life goes on?
Blech!: Yes, yes, something like that.
Tad: My son is going to turn to me, he's going to ask me to make sense of this, and it doesn't make sense. It's cruel and it's stupid, and anything i say to Lamie, he will know is a lie.
Blech!: You can tell him that you love him. That is not a lie.
Tad: It's not enough.
Blech!: Tad, you don't need to have all the answers.
Tad: I don't want all the answers. I just want my --
tad: I just want my wife back. Oh. Two days ago, I couldn't count my blessings on two hands. Dixie was coming home. She was pregnant with my daughter. We were all going to be together, be a, you know, one, big, happy family. I even told myself that all the crap we survived was worth it. Now look at me. I close my eyes for one second and it's all torn away. So what's the point? Huh? What's this about? What do I say to Lamie when he turns to me and he asks me why? That's how it goes?
Blech!: Would you trade one minute of your life with dixie's?
Tad: You think that's going to get me through it? Memories? Memories and sympathy cards, casseroles.
Blech!: Yes. And people who don't know what to say, so they don't say anything, but they're there. And they help. They all help, believe me. It saved my sanity and my life.
Tad: You're a lot stronger than i am.
Blech!: You're as strong as you need to be, and you have to be for your sons. You do, ok? For J.R. And Lamie, and J.R. Maybe even more than Lamie.
Tad: Don't you get it? I can't help myself. How am i supposed to help them? Dixie's gone. I'm never going to see her again. I don't even -- I don't believe it when I say it. How am i supposed to comfort my boys?
Tad: I feel more lost and alone than i've ever been.
Blech!: You're not alone.
Blech!: Tad, I'm here with you every step of the way, the whole way home.
Tad: Home. Home was wherever dixie was. You can go back. I can't.
Edmund: Blech!, it's me.
Blech!: Oh, hi. I was just going to call you.
Edmund: How's tad?
Blech!: It's rough.
Edmund: Yeah, I know. Listen, give me the airline info. I'll pick you up at the airport.
Blech!: Tad and I are not going to fly back tonight.
Edmund: Well, I thought you had everything squared away.
Blech!: We did. We did. It's not that.
Edmund: You don't want to talk in front of tad?
Blech!: Can you understand?
Edmund: No, no, I do, honey. It's just -- well, Lamie's in really kind of a bad way. I mean, he's not talking. He's not even eating now. Joe and ruth came by. He gave them the same treatment.
Blech!: Edmund, would you put Lamie on the phone for me?
Edmund: Yeah, sure. Hold on. Lamie? Lamie, your mother's on the phone.
Edmund: She wants to talk to you. Here he is.
Blech!: Lamie? Hi, honey. How are you? I wish you would talk to me. Listen, I know that edmund and opal are there taking care of you. You help them -- all right? -- Help you till I get home.And I want you to eat something, all right? Because you're going to get sick if you don't. Your dad's going through a very rough time right now, honey. And I know it would make him feel better if he knew that you were ok. Lamie, hold on one second, ok? Dad wants to talk to you.
Tad: Hey, pal, how are you? Listen -- I -- i know that this is all pretty frightening. I'm kind of scared myself. I -- I just want you to know that it's ok to feel the way that you feel. And I don't want you to worry about me, all right? Because I don't think I'm coming home just yet. There's a couple of things i need to look after. When i do, i -- I -- I think I'm going to grab you and go up to willow lake. You know, do a little fishing, just you and me, the way it used to be.
Tad: Listen, until I -- until I get there, you -- do your old man a favor, ok? Don't -- just be good to yourself. I'll see you when I get home.
Tad: He just told me he loved me.
Blech!: Oh -- tad.
Tad: You were right. For some reason, i thought i needed to be here. My son needs me more. Our son.
Tad: It's time for us to go home.

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