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#76 Claudine


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Posted 06 April 2010 - 09:19 AM

LOL! Welcome "home" Theresa!

#77 AMC Dixie

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  • Interests:Tad and Dixie!!! MEK and Cady McClain, obviously... I'm a creative person so I have to constantly keep myself busy. love photography, video stuff, movies, music and singing in the car, eating and cooking Italian food, reading and writing, journaling, drinking. I also love to laugh and have fun.

Posted 07 April 2010 - 05:43 PM

View PostClaudine, on 06 April 2010 - 09:19 AM, said:

LOL! Welcome "home" Theresa!

Thanks Claudine! :jump4joy:

#78 AMC Dixie

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  • Location:A Sunny Place Where Shady People Live. I'm in FL at the moment, you can take the girl outta Jersey but can't take Jersey outta the girl.
  • Interests:Tad and Dixie!!! MEK and Cady McClain, obviously... I'm a creative person so I have to constantly keep myself busy. love photography, video stuff, movies, music and singing in the car, eating and cooking Italian food, reading and writing, journaling, drinking. I also love to laugh and have fun.

Posted 08 April 2010 - 08:01 PM

Posting Name:

I'm probably going to be known as the loudest one in the bunch shortly, lol, j/k. AMC Dixie



A bit about you:

I like to give my opinion alot, haha. Let's seeeee I like to laugh and joke around (as if that's not evidently clear...). I'm 26, born in Jersey, moved to FL when I was 7 - hated it here ever since and can't wait to get back up north (or at least somewhere I'd like to be, lol). I'm a little wacky but who isn't, I enjoy being myself and watching my soaps. I've been a holic since 97. My grandma got my mom and her sisters hooked and they in turn got their kids hooked, so we all talk about it all the time. I started watching at god knows how old and really started paying attention at the age of 6, I've been taping everyday since 94', and I truly enjoy it and spend alot of time enjoying it - whether online or in front of the tv, lol. I also enjoy reading, writing, poetry, being creative, watching TV and movies, bowling, drinking. I also like to go to disney and always seem to be there. I'd like a career in soaps if I could, or at least at a network -copy girl or coffee bitch, etc, lol. I've been with my fiance for 6 years now (engaged for 3, dating for 3) and he's a paramedic so you can only imagine how many "soap operaish" stories I hear...lol.

Home State:

New Jersey - from a small town outside of Atlantic City, go up every chance I get.

How long have you been a T&D fan:

Obsessively or originally? LOL. Since 93' i've always liked and watched TnD, I really really got hooked into them between 96-98' though. I tend to do that - get hooked to a character right before they leave and then have to wait it out till they come back, lol.

What scenes hooked you:

Well back in my childhood watching days I remember wanting and waiting to see the whole Canada thing, I was really into that, lol. Later on it was the chemistry of the actors really, I mean tad and dixie wouldn't be who they are if it weren't for Michael and Cady and their personal connection, they TRULY do have chemistry and can act the shit out of a scene. Just rooting for TnD to be together and wanting them to over come it all is something I have always valued about them. The thing I like about them is they truly are the supercouple, they're dedicated to each other and WANTINGLY, it's hard to be in a relationship and make it work for both parties, not because you have to but because you both WANT to - WANT to come out together, and that's something Tad and Dixie have. To have both parties appreciate and respect each other and to come together to want the same things because they want to make it out the other end together is just a beautiful thing to watch. For a couple who were thrown together in a less than ideal circumstance to begin with (she was basically invested in Adam, he was free) and stay by each others sides through thick and thin, they have a bond that won't break even if they don't want the same things or can't be together for whatever reason. With TnD (as well as Michael and Cady) you always feel that they have each others back - it's something that you can trust and rely on, and that's important, that alone is what throws you over the edge of "that's why I should invest in this couple". Every scene is always enjoyable to watch -they are both selfless when it comes to each other, they both want the best for the other - they truly are soulmates and act like it, that's why I'm here, that's why I get pissed when TIIC piss all over this shit and that's why I get defensive, lol.

Are you primarily a Tad fan, Dixie fan, or both:

LOL, would you like to take a guess??? Dixie/Cady, obvioiusly...BUT I love them both and am a TND/MEKnCady fan and always will be, no matter how many times TIIC try to mess with these 2, this is it for me, the icing on the cake, Luke and Laura don't have shit on these 2 to me.

Other favorite couples:

Carson - GH. How can you not love sonny? ---he was NICO!, LOL. I do really like what Laura Wright brings to the table as Carly and think she has been the best.

Have you ever written in to a mag or an actor:

PLENTY mags and writers and the list goes on!, LOL. I wrote to Cady when I was 14 and she sent me a personalized autographed 8X10 back----it's in a frame, on my wall, I'm on cloud 9 and have been ever since! (lol)----sooo kind of her :) I've also written to MEK, although received nothing as well as Maurice Benard (ex-nico, now Sonny GH) -(nothing) and Vanessa Marcil - who sent me a auto. 5X7 back.

What other boards do you post on:

Any and all that I can, I flock to boards that are dissin' my homies, lol. Just keep an eye out you'll see me around.

What's your favorite T&D moment:

I don't think any of us could list just one - hence why we're HOLICS, lol. I love all the cute scenes and the improv scenes. Can I say - - - YARN???? and popcorn in bed???, lol. Valentine's day, is up there on my list as well as the twinkle step. Chicken fingers on the bench when it was snowing, boot scootin' boogie, 2 dinners on 1 plate, Napa, all the christmas star wishing ones, 1st and 3rd marriage, chicken suit proposal, all the cute stuff early on of them getting together and being friends - spending time together and so on, everytime they were in the hospital caring about each other, laurel hill, when he wisks her away and she tells him she's dying and that proposal :), statler :), bess, oh just everything! LOL. Cady and Michael are WHY I'm a fan and WHY I'm invested, couldn't have it and wouldn't want it any other way. They truly work hard and give it their all, and most importantly you can really tell how geniue the scenes are, that both actors TRULY care about the other and not only feed and play off of that but have each others back and utmost respect for one another, you really don't get to see 2 actors like that, there's no jealousy or worry - just trust, respect, and admiration between MEK and Cady, they truly have a great relationship off screen and it shows through. Plus the fact that they're both great improvers and we all really know they should just get together already in real life!, LOL. (I actually think we have a better shot at that right now anyway, lol).

I'd also like to take the time to say although I hated the madden storyline (if you were going to drag them thru that -in order to make them come out the other side together, then as a writer you should have stayed true to character - to the role models they always have been to each other and their children. That's something that that storyline lacked. TND, were always- above everything, role models to their kids and did the right thing BECAUSE they knew they had to set a good example and the writer just kinda chucked that out the window, that was a real piss on the characters, actors, and fans not only the writers part of it but a few of TBTP IMO. Cady did great - she knew her character and stuck up for what she was suppose to (as an actor who plays an ongoing character (from my opinion and experience thru myself and others), when you find an error in not staying true to character you bring that up for discussion for keepsake of the character - whether the writer is overseeing it or is just a stubborn bitch you're trying to say 'hey, i think you made a mistake, that's not the character, i'm trying to help you out by bringing it to your attention, fix it') and TPTB (IMO) were beyond harsh and not appreciative at all.) MEK and Cady did a TREMENDOUS job with the courtroom scenes and the scenes at his house where he breaks down and explains it all to her, they spun shit into gold with everything they had. I think they deserve tons of credit for it cause it wasn't easy to digest for them - that's very hard to do as a dedicated actor when you don't believe in something fully because you know it's off and not true to character, esp. when you tried, yet they both actors had to drive their characters through it together and pulled it off brilliantly. That IMO, has a lot to do with MEK and Cady, their relationship of trust and admiration not only towards each other but towards their characters as well, these 2 truly have each others back onscreen and off and I say hats off to them for finding that outlet to still make you believe in them and their characters, given all that crap for that storyline they still made it believeable and still gave the fans and their characters a security blanket - that's very hard to do in that circumstance, I say - WAY TO GO! You 2 are BRILLIANT!

Have you ever met MEK or Cady (feel free to share):

I went to a SSW Cady was suppose to be at and they said she was sick, which totally sucked cause I had planned my whole weekend around it, lol. Needless to say I haven't met her yet, but would LOVE to and I'm hopefull that I will one day. MEK - yes, SSW, 1998 (I was speechless, mouth agape, and in complete awe, starstruck to the core, lol, so much so that I mine as well have been in a catonic state, I couldn't even speak to him - it was back in the day when they had just started SSW and they were signing in pairs, he was with Susan Lucci (so I got to meet both of them after waiting in line for 5 hours! And I couldn't even muster a word!!, LOL). He tried to ask me how I spelled my name 3xs and then he finally gave up and told Susan "ask her how she spells it", I had no problem telling her as I was still staring at him, LOL. I could completely kick myself now and hopefully in the future I'll be able to meet him again and actually have a conversation, lol.

#79 WendySue


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Posted 02 August 2011 - 01:01 PM

Hi, I'm WendySue,

So glad I found this site..I'm a total Tad and Dixie fan, since their first Wedding in 1989.. Together forever Tad and Dixie... :lovestory:

#80 Carrie_R

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Posted 02 August 2011 - 08:15 PM

I was gonna reply, but didn't want to bump a forever-old thread... guess since it's been bumped I'll reply now! I am an old-school newbie, been in/out of the fanbase since 99 or so but apparently had never posted here.

Posting Name: Carrie_R
Name: Carrie. Carrie R. LOL
A bit about you: I live in Ohio and work with kids... currently stressing over an upcoming job change, to, uh, something else working with kids lol. I have three weeks to figure it out. So I'm very thankful for TnD as distraction right now! Apart from that, I love to travel, can geek out on the internet with the best of 'em -- if I let myself -- and spend my free time with friends, attending/volunteering at my church, and volunteering at car seat checks. (I am a CPST -- car seat tech -- and am extremely passionate about the subject of child passenger safety!) I'm not married, no kids, I have a roommate -- who is great, but thinks I'm a wee bit loopy with this soap opera stuff. Ah well.
Home State: Ohio
How long have you been a T&D fan: Since '98 or '99. Somewhere over that fall/winter, with the NY storyline and all of that.
What scenes hooked you: I truly cannot remember! Isn't that crazy? I distinctly recall the first scenes I saw -- I was watching AMC with my aunt and as Dix emerged from the rubble at Holidays, she gasped and said, "It's Dixie!" I started recording the show during the day (I was in high school,) and then on Fridays I would take the tape with me to my weekly Friday night babysitting job. I have so many memories of sitting in that living room watching the show! I got to catch up on the whole week after the baby went to bed, and I was sooooo hooked. I guess it was progressive, but I know by the time of the Statler Building I was absolutely addicted.
Are you primarily a Tad fan, Dixie fan, or both: I would say both. By the time I tuned in, they were both clearly very flawed characters, but were in that "rebuilding" stage where I don't think I could have rooted for them if I didn't like both of them. I love Tad, but do not watch him when Dixie is off the show, and don't think I would watch her if he weren't on. It ashames me to say it, but I am definitely a fair weather fan.
Other favorite couples: Soap-wise, GL's Manny and ATWT's Katie and Simon. Those are the biggies.
Have you ever written in to a mag or an actor: Yup. On more than a few occasions.
What other boards do you post on: A car seat message board (thrilling, I know) and the DisBoards, for Disney World. No entertainment/couple boards in a good many years.
What's your favorite T&D moment: Hmmm. Probably the first one I ever saw. "Don't I know you from somewhere?" "A very long time ago." (Maybe I was hooked quicker than I thought...)
Have you ever met MEK or Cady (feel free to share): I met Cady a few years ago at an ATWT luncheon -- maybe like 2003? I am not terribly fangirly with my favorite actors, so I just thanked her for her time as Dixie and said a few other words. No autographs or pictures. She was gracious, albeit a bit taken aback because it was the wrong show, lol. MEK is one of only two "favorites" I've ever had that I haven't gotten to meet.

#81 EG*

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Posted 02 August 2011 - 11:54 PM

Whoa! Welcome, ladies! So glad to have you join us here in our little bit of heaven with our favorite couple! It's so good to have good stuff to talk about again! AHHHHHHH, I don't think I've been this happy in a very long time!

#82 LuvTadnDixie

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Posted 03 August 2011 - 08:36 PM

Posting Name: LuvTadnDixie
Name: Ann Marie
A bit about you: Fourty-three years old, work for an accounting firm
Home State: NY
How long have you been a T&D fan: Since Tad said,"Heaven help me, I just forgotten every woman I ever met."
What scenes hooked you: When they first met in Myrtle's shop
Are you primarily a Tad fan, Dixie fan, or both: Both
Other favorite couples: On All My Children? Erica & Jeremy, Natalie & Ross, Hayley & Mateo, Noah & Julia, JR and Babe, Greenlee & Jake. General Hospital: Jeff Webber and Annie Logan, Rick Webber & Ginny Blake, The Young and the Restless: Paul Williams & Cindy Lake, Loving: Trucker & Dinahlee
Have you ever written in to a mag or an actor: Yes
What other boards do you post on: Soap Central, MediaDomain, ABC.com
What's your favorite T&D moment: There are so many, but I always loved the scene where Tad snuck into Dixie's hospital room after she gave birth to Jr. I know it by heart and it makes me emotional every time I watch it.
Have you ever met MEK or Cady (feel free to share): Yes! I saw MEK at an event and what always stood out in my memory was how tall he was. He's a tall drink of water! A gorgeous hunk of man! An Adonis! I remember meeting MEK at another event and I made a decision that I was going to go up to him to get his autograph but I wasn't going to fawn all over him and act all giddy and stupid, I was going to be cool. I went up to him and within seconds of speaking with him I melted and acted all giddy and stupid. He had that effect on me, so much for being cool. Cady I met briefly and she signed something for me and I had my picture taken with her. She was very sweet and looks even more beautiful in person.

#83 Megan

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Posted 11 August 2011 - 11:10 AM

I originally posted this on October 1, 2006. I wasn't even a mother then. I was home waiting for my first child, Jack, to be born. So I thought I would update it since I am now back "home" as they say since Dixie is now back home too. :)

Posting Name:Megan

Name: Megan (original right?)

A bit about you: I am 34 years old. A Graduate of Syracuse University in Television and Film. I worked 6 years as program director at the local Fox/My TV stations in Syracuse, NY. As I wrote my last about me, I was due to give birth to Jack Walter, who waited a few more weeks and was born on 10/24/06 and is going to kindergarten this September. I am also Mom to Isabella Rhiann, who was born on 7/8/08 and is a dancer and rock star wannabe. I am very happy Stay At Home Mom but by no means is that an easy job.

Home State: Attica, NY (home of the prison). I now live in Syracuse, which have called home since I graduated college.

How long have you been a T&D fan: Since December 1989. I was home on Xmas break from school and saw a commercial for T/D 1st wedding. I had no idea about them but tuned in anyway to watch and was hooked. From then on, I was a complete Holic, scouring the planet for any information on my favorite couple. I am proud to say T/D have gotten me out of my high school and college classes. :) (Nothing has changed about this paragraph

What scenes hooked you: Their first wedding. Seeing the love between them just got me hooked.

Are you primarily a Tad fan, Dixie fan, or both: I love them both though I would say that the writing sometimes tends to lead me to favor one or the other sometimes. But in the end, I love them both. When I love a couple, I love both characters. I am not a fan of just one. I am a fan of both.

Other favorite couples: I actually have none. I am a true T/D fan only. I am however a fan of The Young and the Restless, primarily of Nick and Phyllis and a run a website called Of-the-Moment.com, which is all Phick. Every clip of them from the beginning til now. That has kept me pretty busy since about 2008. :)

Have you ever written in to a mag or an actor: Yep, and I was lucky enough to receive an autograph back from Cady. Yes, and since this was written I have been published 4 times in SOW and finally 2 months ago got a letter into Soap Opera Digest which was a dream of mine since I was a kid. :) Corny, I know.

What other boards do you post on: None, this is it! Has been since this boards first days. Before this, I used to post on the old AOL board. Man, those were good times! This is pretty much still true. I am admin of this wonderful Phick board. Nick and Phyllis, and we have a pretty good group of people on there but I am in general not a fan of all soap message boards. They are not my cup of tea. To much actor bashing and general ugliness between fan bases for me.

What's your favorite T&D moment: OMG, there are too many to mention. Some highlights would be Napa, the NYC kiss, the NYC reunion, and all their weddings. I am sure there are many I am forgetting.

Have you ever met MEK or Cady (feel free to share): Unfortunately, no but I hope to one day. It would be a dream! This is still true. I have been very fortunate to meet very many soap actors (mainly CBS) but never MEK or Cady. I would very much love to though.

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