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Blech! tells Tad that Dixie died

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Posted 15 June 2005 - 03:25 PM

Tad: What? Is something wrong? What is it?

tad: What's with the escort?
Blech!: It was the only way i could get on the plane.
Tad: Something's wrong with Lamie?
Blech!: Lamie's fine, ok? I just -- I need you to come with me.
Tad: Lamie's fine, and you want me to get off the plane?
Blech!: Tad, i need to speak with you -- in private.
Tad: Stop scaring the hell out of me. Just tell me what's wrong.

Tad: No, I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what the hell is wrong.
Blech!: Excuse me. It's very important that i talk to my friend. Would you mind very much moving? I know there's a seat in the back. Thank you.
Tad: What the hell is wrong --
Blech!: Tad, after you left for the airport, opal came by.
Tad: What about her? Tell me, what -- she's all right?
Blech!: She's fine, she's fine. Dixie's sister, she -- lanie called from paris. She couldn't reach you.
Tad: She lost the baby.
Blech!: There was an accident. A car accident. They're not sure exactly what happened.
Tad: How bad is she hurt?
Blech!: The swiss police think that she lost control, somehow, and -- and the car went over the embankment.
Tad: No.
Tad: No. No!
Man: Ma'am? Is everything ok?
Blech!: Five more minutes, please?
Blech!: Tad, we have to get off the plane. I'll drive you back home, ok? Because opal's waiting.
Tad: You mean, just leave her there?
Blech!: The swiss authorities --
tad: The swiss authorities don't know dixie, all right? They don't know my wife. They don't know what she's capable of. She's hurt. She needs me. I'm going to --
Blech!: There's nothing that you can do.
Tad: You got to understand. All the times I told dixie that i would be there to protect her -- I never showed up. I have to be there for her now.
Blech!: Of course you do.
Flight attendant: I am so sorry. The tower radioed the captain. He's aware of your situation, but he still insists that you deplane immediately.
Flight attendant: Ma'am?
Blech!: This is my passport and my gold card.
Flight attendant: I'm sorry?
Blech!: Can you add me to the passenger list? I really need to accompany my friend to zurich.
Tad: You can'T. What about Lamie?
Blech!: He'll be fine. He'll be fine, ok? He has your whole family. He has opal, joe, jake --
tad: Blech!, he needs you
Edmund: Hello.
Blech!: It's me.
Edmund: Blech!. I was starting to get worried. Are you doing all right?
Blech!: Not really.
Edmund: How's tad?
Blech!: How you'd expect.
Edmund: Do you want me to come to the airport?
Blech!: No. We're -- we're not ready to come home yet.
Edmund: Ok, listen, when can i expect you? Opal's a wreck.
Blech!: Actually, we're -- we're still onboard the plane.
Edmund: Tad must be taking it real hard.
Blech!: He still wants to go.
Edmund: Where?
Blech!: To switzerland, to see dixie.
Edmund: He doesn't know there's nothing to see.
Blech!: It's -- it's just something that he has to do.
Edmund: Ok. All right, listen -- you going to stay there until the plane takes off?
Blech!: No. I'm going with him.
Edmund: You're going to switzerland with tad?
Blech!: Edmund, it's something that -- that he has to do. He wants to bring dixie home. I mean, he wanted me to stay home with Lamie, but I have to do this.
Edmund: Blech!, you don't have to explain to me.
Blech!: No, I don't, do I?
Edmund: Ok. How long do you think you're going to be?
Blech!: I'm not sure, but I'll call you as soon as i know what's going on, ok? Does Lamie know about dixie yet?
Edmund: Not yet.
Blech!: Tell him i love him. And I will be home as soon as i can.
Edmund: Will do.
Blech!: And I love you, too, you know. So much.
Edmund: I love you, Blech!.
Blech!: Are you sure you're ok with this?
Edmund: Yeah, I'm sure. Listen, tell tad how sorry i am.
Blech!: I will.
Edmund: And, Blech!?
Blech!: Yeah?
Edmund: You fly safe.
Edmund: That was -- that was Blech!. Tad's still going to zurich, and Blech!'s going with him.
Opal: Why? Didn't Blech! explain that --
edmund: It's something that tad has to do -- to make it real.
P.A. Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, we've reached a cruising altitude of 30,000 feet. The captain has switched off the seat belt sign, and you're free to move about the cabin. The estimated flight time to zurich is 6 1/2 hours.
[flashback montage]

Tad: Ok, thanks anyway. Oh --
dixie: Oh -- oh, I'm sorry.
Tad: I'm sorry. Heaven help me, I've just forgotten every woman I've ever met. You love me. And I love you, too. That's all there is.
Dixie: Oh, you chicken, what have you done?
Tad: Here.
Dixie: Oh, tad.
[Tad clucks]
minister: Now that tad and dixie have given themselves to each other by solemn vows, through the joining of hands, and to the exchange of rings, I pronounce that they are husband and wife, in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit. Those whom god hath joined together, let no man put aside. Amen. You may kiss the bride
Tad: Star light, star bright. First star i see tonight.
Dixie: I wish i may, I wish i might have the wish I wish tonight.
Tad: What's going on? Somebody give me a clue, please.
Dixie: If you could just give me a sign. Something to keep me going till that boy gets back home with me. We're really getting married tomorrow?
Tad: Mm-hmm. Barring any unforseen disaster.
[Dixie laughs]
tad: I -- no, no --
dixie: No, no.
Tad: I didn't say that.
Dixie: No, we are going to have a wonderful, new life together.
Tad: Yeah. Together.
Dixie: Forever. What's this?
Tad: Open it.
[Dixie gasps]
dixie: Oh! It's beautiful!
Tad: Yeah. As soon as i saw it in the jeweler's window, i knew i had to buy it for you. It reminded me of our wishing star. It shines brightly, it's constant, and it'll always show you the way home.
Dixie: How does it look?
["How does it look?" Echoes]
[end flashback montage]

tad: Dixie.

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