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#1 Claudine


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Posted 11 October 2006 - 04:00 PM

I thought it would be a good idea to have a section for people to introduce themselves a bit (whatever you're comfortable with) since there are so many board members now. It's not just 10 of us anymore LOL How's this little Q&A for everyone. Answer what you feel comfortable answering.


Posting Name:
A bit about you:
Home State:
How long have you been a T&D fan:
What scenes hooked you:
Are you primarily a Tad fan, Dixie fan, or both:
Other favorite couples:
Have you ever written in to a mag or an actor:
What other boards do you post on:
What's your favorite T&D moment:
Have you ever met MEK or Cady (feel free to share):

Here are my replies:

Posting Name: Claudine
Name: Claudine
A bit about you: I created this site during the time that we had no T&D. It kept me busy and is a lot of fun. I'm a writer, illustrator and sales manager for a small publishing company in suburbia. As such I get to fly around attending trade shows. LOL I love to travel, am single, and have my own place (no pets allowed :( ). I have a BA in English Lit and in Communication Arts (Advertising) with a minor in History. I then got my MA in Medieval Studies (English Lit). Yeah, I know... I'm just SOOOOO practical. LOL I'm a history and literature junkie and love, love, love movies. I'm also a Trekkie & Star Wars nut. My favorite prime time show right now is LOST, but I also watch What About Brian, Dancing with the Stars, Boston Legal, South Park, The Simpsons, Family Guy, sometimes Grey's Anatomy... and am testing out The Nine, and Ugly Betty. But since the history channel has Engineering an Empire back on... woohoo!
Home State: New York
How long have you been a T&D fan: Since 1989 when my grandmother and sister (who was 9) told me to watch Loving, because they were taping in Italy, and I stayed tuned to see what all the fuss about Susan Lucci was about. LOL I loved Jack & Erica getting together back then, but even moreso, I was totally over the moon for how Tad was trying to save his "friend" Dixie from Adam. OMG, totally fell for the both of them and it's a habit I can't break. They are just my "it" couple on daytime... or anywhere really. While I can watch them with other people (I did really like Tad & Simone)... it's just not the same. These two are just electric together. They're my crack. LOL!
What scenes hooked you: Tad claiming to be the father of Dixie's baby to protect her and give her time to think about what she really wanted to do, like KEEP the baby. God, it took so long for there to be any real kissing between the two I thought I would POP with tension before it happened.
Are you primarily a Tad fan, Dixie fan, or both: Both. There are times I want to put Tad through a wall, and times I want to smack Dixie silly, but I love both characters.
Other favorite couples: Nico & Cecily, Jack & Erica, Ryan & Gillian, JR & Babe, Ryan & Kendall
Have you ever written in to a mag or an actor:Yes.
What other boards do you post on: Mediadomain.com, SoapOperaNetwork.com, SoapCentral.com, SoapZone.com, New Beginnings, ... my name there is GaerielSky/Claudine, but on SoapZone I'm MommaLuvsMcT. LOL I used to post on TelevisionWithoutPity.com too. Haven't been there in a while. abc.com is a scary, scary place.
What's your favorite T&D moment: I have to do plural on this one. I love the Gloria's Gourmet scene, the Braden Apt Kiss, Napa!, the NY Reunion from 93, the third wedding... so many.
Have you ever met MEK or Cady (feel free to share): Yes. there are benefits to living in NY.
Both are very nice, MEK will stay late to sign autographs no matter where he is. He's a doll. And Cady is wonderful and just so nice in person. I tend to still get nervous around MEK. LOL If you have the chance to meet either, I highly recommend you take it.

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Posted 11 October 2006 - 04:32 PM

Name: Nicole

A bit about you: I am a recent college graduate, still looking for someone to help me get my foot in the door lol. I graduated with a BA is Broadcasting and a minor in Theatre so if any of you know Spielberg, Ron Howard, etc feel free to pass my name along! lol Honestly, what I would love to do more than anything is, yes it's going to sound like a cliche, is to work on a soap opera---backstage, of course! lol

Home State: S.C. Yes, I'm a Southern Girl just like Dixie and I grew up in Charleston, SC like Jackson Montgomery (character, not actor)! lol

How long have you been a T&D fan: Since the first scene I saw with these two---which was way back in 1992 when MEK/Tad came back! I've been a "Holic" ever since!

What scenes hooked you: I remember one of the first scenes I saw with MEK was when Tad was in Wildwind talking with Dimitri and Edmund (they had some business thing going on) and Tad was remembering Dixie. I watched every once in a while but when the Infamous New York Reunion Part I happened, I was HOOKED like a fish on a pole. I was only 12-ish then and I begged my mom to record AMC while I was at school. She rarely remembered but when she did I was the happiest kid! Now, that I've been able to get some more T&D tapes, I'm the happiest big kid!

Are you primarily a Tad fan, Dixie fan, or both: Both. I know Cady and MEK probably hate this, but it's just not the same when they aren't on together. I desperately tried to like AMC in '96 when Tad was with Ga-Ga-Gag-me-Gloria, but it didn't work nor did any of Tad's other "conquests" :) These two are just electric together and while I don't mind seeing them in scenes with other ppl, when these two get together it's pure magic.

Other favorite couples: Really? Can anyone else even come close? No. I've liked other couples but I wouldn't say I'm invested in any. Now that I have some of the old school stuff, I like Nico and Cecily--they were a hoot!

Have you ever written in to a mag or an actor: No. But if AMC doesn't straighten up I may have to very, very soon.

What other boards do you post on: SOC---Don't ask me why. It's like a freaking kill-Dixie/Cady fest over there.

What's your favorite T&D moment: Oh, Claudine you should just put sceneS on this one because it's so hard to narrow it down: NY Reunion Part I, Napa (and not just the sex; all the cuddling and whatnot after was wonderful), Tad climbing into Dixie's hospital bed b/f her kidney surgery, Braden's apt HOT HOT HOT!(::melting:: ::melting::), the Fish Tie Scene, Tad being all ga-ga over Dixie '89, Dixie being hauled off to the looney bin :(, An Affair to Remember, Tad seeing Dixie for the first time in DeVoid's apt....I really could go on and on---oh, those were the days.

Have you ever met MEK or Cady (feel free to share): No but I seriously might wet myself then pass out if I ever met MEK...OMG every time I think of him the "Speedo Scene" just pops up! ::swoon swoon::

#3 Megan

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Posted 11 October 2006 - 08:55 PM

Posting Name:Megan

Name: Megan (original right?)

A bit about you: I am 29 years old. A Graduate of Syracuse University in Television and Film. I just completed 6 years as program director at the local Fox/My TV stations here in my town. Now I am embarking on the next chapter of my life, Mom. My son is due to be born anyday. (And boy that day can't come soon enough!)

Home State: Attica, NY (home of the prison). I now live in Syracuse, which have called home since I graduated college.

How long have you been a T&D fan: Since December 1989. I was home on Xmas break from school and saw a commercial for T/D 1st wedding. I had no idea about them but tuned in anyway to watch and was hooked. From then on, I was a complete Holic, scouring the planet for any information on my favorite couple. I am proud to say T/D have gotten me out of my high school and college classes. :)

What scenes hooked you: Their first wedding. Seeing the love between them just got me hooked.

Are you primarily a Tad fan, Dixie fan, or both: I love them both though I would say that the writing sometimes tends to lead me to favor one or the other sometimes. But in the end, I love them both.

Other favorite couples: I actually have none. I am a true T/D fan only.

Have you ever written in to a mag or an actor: Yep, and I was lucky enough to receive an autograph back from Cady.

What other boards do you post on: None, this is it! Has been since this boards first days. Before this, I used to post on the old AOL board. Man, those were good times!

What's your favorite T&D moment: OMG, there are too many to mention. Some highlights would be Napa, the NYC kiss, the NYC reunion, and all their weddings. I am sure there are many I am forgetting.

Have you ever met MEK or Cady (feel free to share): Unfortunately, no but I hope to one day. It would be a dream!

#4 2gether4ever

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Posted 11 October 2006 - 09:52 PM

Posting Name:2gether4ever


A bit about you: I'm 42 and a single mother of 3 for almost 10 years now... I haven't had much of a life because of them but now that they are old enough to take care of themself, It going to be all about me in '07. I come from a very large family we are 2000+ members. I work for The State Bar of Texas for 23 years now.. I started there right after high because I was marrying my first love (big mistake).. The only thing good is that I only have 6 years before i can retire.

Home State: Texas lived in Austin all my life!!!!

How long have you been a T&D fan: Since day one when he saw her at that store and she he had just forgotten every girl he ever knew.

What scenes hooked you:that one. I knew they were a match made in heaven...

Are you primarily a Tad fan, Dixie fan, or both: both I just can't never get enough of them.. Can we have a Tad and Dixie spin off???

Other favorite couples: Brooke and Adam, Maria and Edmund, Ryan and Gillian, Leo and Greenlee, Brooke and Edmund when Maria left the show.

Have you ever written in to a mag or an actor: I just wrote for the first time to Cady for an autograph CD for my daughter and we received it yesterday.

What other boards do you post on:None I just go to see what they have to say.

What's your favorite T&D moment: Napa, Bryan's apt. the restroom scene were Opal locked them in together.

Have you ever met MEK or Cady (feel free to share): no but I hope to one day...

#5 bbcanuck

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Posted 11 October 2006 - 09:53 PM

Posting Name: bbcanuck

Name: Hi My name is Barb Toker. No, I did not make my last name up and yes, I have heard that Steve Miller Band tune. :)

A bit about you: Well, I'm Canadian. I hold a Jounalism diploma from Mount Royal College in Calgary (affectionately referred to as "high school with ash trays"). I spent 10 years starving to death as reporter and editor in the wacky world of community newspapers, moved on to a position with the Government of Alberta where I did all kinds of stuff including policy development, communications and aboriginal affairs. That got me into consulting which is really neat cuz I work from home and rarely miss AMC.

Home State: Province actually - Alberta

How long have you been a T&D fan: That goes back aways. I was actually a Tad fan first, when Greg and Jenny were THE couple on the show. I got distracted by life and returned to the show when Tad returned after ending up in California.

What scenes hooked you: When Tad returned to Pine Valley and he and Dixie ended up on either end of the park, wishing on 'their' star. That is the first time I actually wept over daytime.

Are you primarily a Tad fan, Dixie fan, or both: Honestly I am a Tad fan. Ultimately it has to be Tad and Dixie, but when those two are at odds, I'm always apolgizing for Buddy.

Other favorite couples: There's other couples on that show?

Have you ever written in to a mag or an actor: Yep.

What other boards do you post on: This is the one and only. I used to post on SOC, MediaDomain and abc.com but those folks over there are just to rude. Then I went back to posting on SOC and remember why I had left in the first place.

What's your favorite T&D moment: Have to update here...the 2011 reunion. Could not have been done better...but then these two always prove me wrong. There have been so many incredible moments in the epic that is TnD, and just when you think they've reached the boundaries of emotional expression, they go that one step further. If they continue on in the future, I'll no doubt be updating again.

Have you ever met MEK or Cady (feel free to share): Yes! Finally worked up the nerve and met them at the AMC Fan Weekend in L.A., 2011. Just the most wonderfully kind, patient and genuine you are likely to meet. Can't for the life of me remember what Cady said...happens when you are awestruck...and will never forget what MEK said...like the words of a favourite song. The absolute thrill of a lifetime made that much better cuz I could share it with some terrific people known as Holics!

#6 EG*

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Posted 11 October 2006 - 10:30 PM

Posting Name: EG*

Name: Eva

A bit about you: I was born in Hong Kong many MANY years ago and arrived in this country when I was but a wee lass! I got my degree in nursing at San Jose State Uiversity and have worked for one organization pretty much my entire nursing career. I have 2 grown children and am pretty much enjoying my life right now all on my own.

Home State: California

How long have you been a T&D fan: oh pretty much since the very beginning! I was actually watching both AMC and OLTL (Bo and Didi were my very first soap couple!) and I really loved the Cecily/Nico marriage of convenience storyline. I didn't pay much attention to the Will/Dixie story when they first came on cuz I wasn't interested in Kari Gibson's Dixie. When Cady took over the role I thought she was such a beauty! I didn't catch all the early T/D scenes cuz I wasn't taping then and only watched on my days off from work. I sat up and took notice when Tad announced himself as the father of Dixie's baby! I then started to tape every day just to watch them LOL, but I didn't start keeping any scenes until the Love Test episode at the abandoned store. Their first real kiss there made me SWOOOON LOL.

What scenes hooked you: That first scene where I took notice, the "I'm the father of Dixie's baby" episode.

Are you primarily a Tad fan, Dixie fan, or both: I believe I"m primarily a T/D fan! I watched Tad the Cad and thought MEK was the hottest thing, but wasn't a fan of Tad the Cad. Selfish womanizer that he was. A user. He would be funny now and then but he did nothing for me. I liked Dixie too, when Cady took over the role, but for me, when they were together, they were just MAGIC together, and STILL have that amazing chemistry to this day!

Other favorite couples: Cecily/Nico, Greg/Jenny, Nina/Cliff, Palmer/Daisy. I don't care for many of the new couples, but I liked Ryan/Gillian.

Have you ever written in to a mag or an actor: yes, of course! LOL.

What other boards do you post on: I pretty much just post here now. I rarely post at SOC, abc.com, and MD now, but will occasionally stick my neck out on those boards.

What's your favorite T&D moment: Damn, too many! Ok, highlights have to include the Love Test, Napa reunion, NY reunion, and the April reunion this year when Tad saw Dixie for the first time after 4 long years!

Have you ever met MEK or Cady (feel free to share): I've met MEK and talked to him 2 or 3 times, and he's ALWAYS a doll. Cady I've watched from afar, but this last time, at the luncheon, I had to go up and talk to her becuz Claudine refused to ask her to autograph her CD for me! She was wonderful, of course!

#7 Kylie

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Posted 11 October 2006 - 10:59 PM

Posting Name: Kylie

Name: Kylie (Quite creative, eh?LMAO)

A bit about you: Umm, well there isn't much to tell. I'm 21 years old. Soon (as in May) to be a graduate of California State University Long Beach (with a BA in Political Science). I'm taking the LSAT In less then 4 months, and hope to be in Law school by next Spring. I want to end up on the East Coast, and probably stay to practice there. I'm the oldest of 4 children, and thank god, don't and never will have, have any of my own.LOL

Home State: California

How long have you been a T&D fan: Um, 1998, or was it 1999? I'll explain in the next question.

What scenes hooked you: When Dixie walked into Holiday's after it blew up and Tad was sitting in the middle of the wreckage (right, it's been a while?) just sort of looked up at her, and then put his arms around her and laid his head on her stomach. It was something along those lines. LOL Forgive me if I'm rusty, that was a long time ago, and I was a baby.LOL That was the first time I'd ever seen T&D. I knew of them, but had never seen them together until then.

Are you primarily a Tad fan, Dixie fan, or both: I'm a T&D fan. I like Tad most of the time (he's currently my hero for knocking off Greg). I have a very love/hate relationship with Dixie.LOL T&D always seem to reel me in. I even cheated and watched AMC once this summer for them. Shhh...don't tell. :)

Other favorite couples: DeVoid and Erica, Ryan and Gillain, Leo and Greenlee, Adam and Loozah, Kendall and Aidan

Have you ever written in to a mag or an actor: Yep.LOL Got a letter publicshed in SOW in 2004. I've written support mail for Erica and to Susan Lucci many times.

What other boards do you post on: My board, SON (Kylie), SOC (ForeverInRio), New Beginnings (DandEfan), the Kaidan board, and a DeVoid board (well not so much anymore cause they're all insane.LOL)

What's your favorite T&D moment: Ummm, I adored when they had the heart to heart about her being pregnant with Bess at their house. It was just a really sweet moment, and Tad gave this cute little speech about the diffence between little boys and little girls. (I mourned Bess quite hard.:()

Have you ever met MEK or Cady (feel free to share): Cady, no. MEK, yes, but I only got to say "Hi." It was at Susan's Star Ceremony, I had no paper, and it was pouring so he couldn't stay long. But I said "hi," he said hi, and there was some other stuff, but I was floating at the point, so I'm not sure what. :)

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Posted 11 October 2006 - 11:00 PM

Posting Name: flyaway19

Name: Nicole

A bit about you: I am currently in college and i dont like it that much...i am going for theatre. but what i really want to do is move to New York and become an actress. preferably on a soap. i am the basic small town girl with big dreams! i am almost 19....and i love soap operas so much. i swear i have been watching them all my life. the first one i was hooked to was guiding light...i was 10...and i remember my mom yelling at me to stop watching them when she wasnt home cuz i wasnt old enough. i was hooked on reva/josh and danny/michelle. i usually jump around from soap to soap. but i competely fell in love with amc a little bit ago. dont no y just love it! i watch other ones randomly....when Genie Francis is back on GH..i am so watching that. i love luke/laura! other shows i watch are: cold case, without a trace, one tree hill, law and order: svu, csi, six degrees and studio 60. i am so in love with studio 60. i miss old show like west wing and will and grace. will and grace is my fav show ever! i love to laugh! and i am rambling..next question...

Home State: Ohio

How long have you been a T&D fan: only a little bit but my god i love them!!! i can watch scenes over and over and still laugh so hard. i swear everytime they kiss i melt!!! they have such amazing chemistry!!! they r just so hot together!!!

What scenes hooked you: well lets see....i found this site and was looking thru scenes cuz i had just watched cadys soapography and i am pretty sure it was their first dance. i so love that scene! o man. it was cute and hot!

Are you primarily a Tad fan, Dixie fan, or both: sometimes i lean towards Dixie..i just adore that character...but i love tad so much cuz he makes me laugh!!! but its both...they r so magical together!

Other favorite couples: hmm.....jr/babe....krystal/adam.....matteo/hayley.....maria/edmund....leo/greenlee and thats all i can think of! but mainly its just T and D!!! on other soaps: kayla/steve....luke/laura...liz/lucky....rosanna/craig...lily/holden...rose/paul....jack/carly

Have you ever written in to a mag or an actor: i just sent Cady a b-day card.

What other boards do you post on: just this one...i am afraid to go to the other one cuz ya they r so rude! and i might say things i should not!

What's your favorite T&D moment: Bradens Apartment....i melted!! Napa and the afterglow( i swear the cutest scene ever!)...i cant get enough of that one! New York Reunion in 99....the first dance....yarn kiss...playing possum...and like all of them!!

Have you ever met MEK or Cady (feel free to share): no but it is so one of my dreams!!! i just think they r so amazing!!

#9 TDForever

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Posted 12 October 2006 - 11:04 AM

Posting Name: tigger945


A bit about you: Let's see. I work as a certified pharmacy technician and I decided about a year ago to go back to college to go into pharmacy. I started taking classes then, and realized that perhaps pharmacy wasn't what I wanted to do...so here I am a year later taking class after class trying to decide what I want to do with the rest of my life. Time will tell and eventually it will all come together, in the meantime, it's just work and school...and amc when I get the chance. I am also addicted to LOST, so wed night I'm always in front of the tv wondering what will happen next.

Home State: Michigan

How long have you been a T&D fan: Since the first NY reunion in 93

What scenes hooked you: When Tad was standing outside of Dixie's hotel room trying to convince her that he was really Tad. Dixie believed that Adam was sending him there to trick her. It wasn't until Tad remembered about giving her a music box for a wedding gift that she believed him. Seeing her go to the door and hug him, and him putting her hand on his heart so she knew it was the real deal had me hooked.

Are you primarily a Tad fan, Dixie fan, or both: I'm both a T&D fan, but I must admit that I am little bit more of a Cady fan than a MEK fan.

Other favorite couples: Greenlee/leo; maria/edmund; Gillian/Ryan

Have you ever written in to a mag or an actor: Not to a magazine, but I did write a fan e-mail to Cady about a week ago.

What other boards do you post on:Just this one, although I "lurk" at the SOC site

What's your favorite T&D moment: First NY reunion; Night and Day is one of my favorites; Thanks to Claudine I have many more, such as the yarn kiss; Love test; Tad helping Dixie get out of Laurel Hill...I wasn't an amc viewer then, so it is great to see those scenes and makes me love T&D even more.

Have you ever met MEK or Cady (feel free to share): No, but I'd love to one day :)

#10 dreams76

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Posted 12 October 2006 - 01:50 PM

Posting Name: dreams76
Name: Kim
A bit about you: I'm 30 years old and I live in New Orleans. I am a charity development coordinator for a non-profit organization. I have lived in NYC for several years when I was attending college there. While in NYC, I was lucky enough to wait on a soap star while I was working at Starbuck's. Unfortunately, it wasn't either MEK or Cady.
Home State: Louisiana
How long have you been a T&D fan: I think I liked them the minute I saw the two of them together in a magazine spread. When I was young, I used to be a HUGE Days fan. I would spend my allowance buying countless soap magazines, especially those that featured Jack and Jennifer. I think in one of the mags, I came across T&D and something about them just made me think they were cute together.
What scenes hooked you: I didn't catch any of the early T&D stuff so I think I became hooked after the scene where Dixie slapped Tad in the hotel room.
Are you primarily a Tad fan, Dixie fan, or both: I'm definitely both, but I think there are times I side with Dixie more. I guess I relate to her more since she's a female and she seems like such a sweet character.
Other favorite couples: No other favs on AMC, but I guess on other soaps it would have to be Jack and Jennifer from Days and Paul & Rosanna from ATWT.
Have you ever written in to a mag or an actor: I've written countless letters when I was younger, but just never went ahead and mailed them (apparently follow-through is not one of my strong suit).
What other boards do you post on: I post at times on abc.com (akim7693).
What's your favorite T&D moment: I think my favorite T&D moment was the kiss in the abandoned store. As so many have said, that was HOT. I also like the barn scene when Tad is tickling Dixie. Any sweet, silly scenes top my list.
Have you ever met MEK or Cady (feel free to share): Never met either, but I'm sure they're great. They seem like really nice people.

#11 DustyOlPiano

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  • Interests:I'm an actress so I spend a lot of time at the theatre and at concerts. I work for Disney, so Disney World is my home away from home. Total member of the &quot;Evil Disney Empire&quot; lol<br /><br />I just got my certification in second education English - so I love books and teaching literature and film.<br /><br />Ski, read, ice skate, tennis, sing, dance, act...<br /><br />Love couples, but am very choosey about them.

Posted 13 October 2006 - 02:50 PM

Name: Kris

A bit about you: I am an actress. Grew up singing and performing in musicals and in mini movies. Hm, I work for and worship Disney. (SSW is soon!) What else... I am in graduate school for secondary education: English. I love couples... I seem to only watch TV shows that have couples and I am unbelievably loyal to them.
Love country music (Trisha and Garth), Bette Midler, the great Divas, and right now, I am in love with watching The View because Rosie is back making me laugh my ass off.

Home State: New York (right where the Friday the 13th snow fell)

How long have you been a T&D fan: Um since the late 80's. I was just a toddler and my nanny use to watch AMC during my naptime on the set. So I grew up watching and loving them.

What scenes hooked you: I have always returned the scene where Tad falls off the bridge (?) and Dixie is screaming for him. Just an image in my head from childhood.

Are you primarily a Tad fan, Dixie fan, or both: Um... both

Other favorite couples: Soaps: John/Marlena, NEXIS, and of course Tad/Dixie. Also Bo/Nora I guess. TV: Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Troi/Riker, Luke/Lorelia (when they aren't being lame),. Others: Bogie/BaCall, Hepburn/Tracey, Fred/Ginger, Trisha/Garth

Have you ever written in to a mag or an actor: Yeah

What other boards do you post on: John/Marlena Breathe

What's your favorite T&D moment: Ooo.. too many. But I am depressing so I love the heart wretching. When Dixie "died" and Tad was on the plane... wow.

Have you ever met MEK or Cady (feel free to share): Yes. Bumped into MEK a few times at charity functions but have never really talked to them. Also, I hang out at SSW and say hi.

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Posted 15 October 2006 - 08:39 PM

Oh dear. I cannot believe how many people are here now. And why are all of you named Nicole? LOL. Ah, I still remember fondly the day when Claudine told all of us that she was making the "ultimate" Tad&Dixie site. We were all so excited. So thrilled every time a section of the site changed from being "under construction" to actually having content. This site was all we had to cling to during those dark days when Cady wasn't on AMC. LOL. Thanks so much Claudine! Thanks for giving all of us Holics a place to congregate and reminisce even when there was no T&D on AMC. Now that T&D are once again sharing scenes on AMC, all your hard work has paid off in spades!

Now on to my information, (again LOL).

Posting Name: SongBird

Name: Mindy

A bit about you: I am a masters student in political science/education. The "/" is there because I can't decide which to have my emphasis in. I have two degrees in music already. I sing in a few choirs. I am a notorious book addict. I also am a devoted hockey lover. I am now finding myself becoming addicted to television again. Apart from AMC, I am now hooked on LOST. I am also watching House, Gilmore Girls, Scrubs, The Office, Desperate Housewives, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and I may even start Battlestar Gallactica which I just saw recently and loved.

Home State: Arizona

How long have you been a T&D fan: The bit I saw in 1989 got me hooked. My new VCR in 1990 really sealed the addiction by letting me record and watch every episode.

What scenes hooked you: Oh, that 1989 stuff I saw during Spring Break. It was that notorious Adam/Dixie/Tad storyline. I must have seen that scene of Tad declaring himself to be the father of Dixie's baby at some point, because that is the scene I most vividly remember.

Are you primarily a Tad fan, Dixie fan, or both: Well, Tad is my favorite character in all of Daytime television. Seriously. When push comes to shove, I will always root for Tad. (Except in 1995-1996 when I utterly hated him.) However, I do like Dixie. But, I think together they are both even better than they are seperately.

Other favorite couples: On AMC: Adam/Brooke, Edmund/Maria, Nico/Cecily, Opal/Palmer, Erica/Jackson and if AMC wants to go here, I think I may be able to support Amanda and Jonathan. I have various others from other soaps. OLTL's Bo/Nora and Max/Luna, GH's Lucy/Kevin, Robert/Anna, and Luke/Laura. I also really loved ATWT's Hal/Barbara and am so sad that Ben Hendrickson passed away. I also really loved one of Cady's pairings on ATWT, Craig/Rosanna.

Have you ever written in to a mag or an actor: I have never written snail mail to a mag. However, I have emailed the mags before. I also have posted comments to Cady's blogs. I just recently sent a birthday card to Cady, making it the first time I have ever written snail mail to an actor. I also have a snail mail letter ready to send off to MEK in appreciation of the outstanding work he did a couple weeks ago.

What other boards do you post on: My soap board posting has been cut dramatically in the last two years or so. Right now, this is the only AMC board I go to. I do post at an ATWT board still, even though I don't watch ATWT anymore. I do occasionally read at SON, though. But that is about it.

What's your favorite T&D moment: OMG, I don't think I can choose. I made a list in the T&D memories forum a while ago. I think I ended up choosing the scene in the abandoned store where Tad gives Dixie a test to prove she loves him. That whole episode really just encapsulates for me what T&D are all about.

Have you ever met MEK or Cady (feel free to share): Nope. Living here in the desert southwest doesn't provide much opportunity. If they ever make it out to southern California though, I would definitely be there.

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Posted 17 October 2006 - 04:00 PM

Posting Name: Soapnut

Name: Tara

A bit about you: Um, lets see. I just turned 21 and a senior in college (Oakland University, I'm sure no one has heard of it, LOL) and despite the fact that I'm a senior, I'm not even close to graduation. I am a double major (History and English) and I plan on being certified to teach Highschool. At the moment, I don't have a minor, but may need to pick one up if the next president changes current legistation. I'm thinking it'll be psych. Um, I work at Michaels Arts and Crafts, where I spend way too much money. I'm a crafty person, I scrapbook, crochet and for about a year and a half have been on a baking kick. Ummm...I am also VERY into sports, hockey and baseball specifically. I watch all 3 ABC soaps and sometimes YR. My current primetimeTV show is Grey's Anatomy (though I can't stand the main character most of the time, the show overall is amazing).

Home State: Michigan (hey, Nicole...where are you in MI? If you don't mind me asking :))

How long have you been a T&D fan: Since the 2nd grade, LOL. 1993, to be specific.

What scenes hooked you: NY reunion in 1993 and the NAPA! Though, in 1998 I was drawn back by a magazine cover, LOL.

Are you primarily a Tad fan, Dixie fan, or both: Both. They both have moments where I just want to slap them, but they've always been my two favorite characters.

Other favorite couples: On AMC...Jack and Erica.

Have you ever written in to a mag or an actor: Yep.

What other boards do you post on: SoapCentral.com (the OLTL board) and then RecklessEntanglement (A GH board dedicated to Ric and Alexis).

What's your favorite T&D moment: Oh goodness, there are SO many!! NYC reunion in 1993, Napa, the kiss in Braden's Apartment, and the Twinkle Step scenes are among my MANY faves. :)

Have you ever met MEK or Cady (feel free to share): I met them both this past summer in NYC. I met Cady at the AMC luncheon. I was a complete babbling idiot, too! I met MEK at Catherine Hickland's event. He was so, so sweet. He was all sweaty and kept saying he was sorry for being late and then for getting his sweat on me (I totally wasn't complaing, LOL) and then he kissed my cheek and I nearly died. Oh and also, when I met each of them...on different days...my camera battery died! Go figure! I'll definitely be bringing a back-up battery to SSW this year!

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Posted 18 October 2006 - 07:37 PM

Posting Name: Fearsome Foursome (My husband calls our four boys that, and I thought it was cute)

Name: Carol

A bit about you: Full time Mom to four adorable boys, ages 5, 4, 2.5, and 17 months. Before kids, I was an attorney, but I find that I don't miss that life at all!

Home State: Originally from Texas, but just moved to Ohio after 3 years in Wisconsin

How long have you been a T&D fan: I started watching AMC in 1993 solely because of the reunion commercials for T&D. I stopped watching when D "died" and I just started back up last week (after the trial with the breakdown scene)

What scenes hooked you: I fell in love with MEK the first time I saw him on screen, which I think was when he kept hearing "Chickens don't have fingers" and then saw Brooke and kept asking "Are you her?" How could you not root for T&D after that?!?

Are you primarily a Tad fan, Dixie fan, or both: Considering I only watch the show when both are on, I have to answer both.

Other favorite couples: Okay, I have very little alone time so I fastforward through everything but their scenes. When I was younger I watched DOOL (loved Marlena/Roman and Jennifer/Jack) and GL (loved Mindy/Rick).

Have you ever written in to a mag or an actor: No

What other boards do you post on: I have posted to televisionwithoutpity.com. I used to watch Gilmore Girls, but stopped when they split up Luke and Lorelei. My non-Noggin/Nick Jr. TV time is quite limited so once a couple is screwed up too badly, I have to cut bait and move on. In this case, I came back to T&D because I figure they can't be screwed up much more than this so we can only go up from here!

What's your favorite T&D moment: I just discovered this site and have loved every scene in the Favorite Clips section. I remember loving the scene when T climbed into D's hospital bed before the kidney donation. I just made my mom go to this site to watch the breakdown scene. MEK needs to win the leading actor Emmy this year based on that scene alone!

Have you ever met MEK or Cady (feel free to share): No.

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Posted 19 October 2006 - 07:55 PM

View PostSoapNut, on Oct 17 2006, 04:00 PM, said:

Home State: Michigan (hey, Nicole...where are you in MI? If you don't mind me asking :))

I'm from southeast michigan. Trenton, wyandotte, woohaven area. I actually am from Grosse Ile, although not a lot of people have heard of it..most people recognize the other cities listed. I'm right in the midde between the city of detroit and the ohio border.

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