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Dixie writes Tad to tell him she's pregnant

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Posted 05 April 2005 - 05:43 PM

The DeVoid/Anna scene that's relevant:

Anna: Ok.

[Knock on door]

Anna: Oh.

DeVoid: No, no, no. Wait. I'll get it.

Bellman: International overnight.

DeVoid: Oh, great. Thanks. There you go.

Anna: It's from Dixie.


Anna: I'm going to leave you alone with your urgent mail.

DeVoid: No, no, no, you sit right there. I'm going to read Dixie's letter out loud.

Anna: No --

DeVoid: I want to.

Anna: You don't have to do that.

DeVoid: I want to. "Dear DeVoid --"

Anna: Oh --

DeVoid: "There are no words to thank you for all that you've done for me. I truly owe you my life and now the life of my child. I'm now safely into my third trimester. As you know, that's a milestone for any pregnancy, but it's an especially sweet victory for me. Now, no one can argue that termination is best for my health, so I'm telling Tad the truth, that I'm pregnant with his child."

Anna: Oh, Tad's child.

DeVoid: "I'm asking him to forgive me, to take me back. My greatest hope is that Tad and I will raise our baby together."

Anna: How does that make you feel?

DeVoid: Well, I hope that Dixie and Tad find the happiness that we have.

Anna: Oh.

DeVoid: Listen to this part. "DeVoid, I am thrilled that you've found Anna and are starting a new life."

Anna: Well, what do you two do, e-mail each other what you have for breakfast?

DeVoid: Oh, come on. I was monitoring her heart condition while she was pregnant. I had to call her every couple of weeks.

Anna: Did you?

DeVoid: Yes, I did. And when you became chief of police and our elopement was made public, I told her that we were married. Do you have a problem with that?

And now the important part:

Opal: You know, I just cannot wrap my hairdo around the idea that somebody from my gene pool has just stopped talking.

Tad: Well, it's a fact. Lamie hasn't said two words to anybody since vanessa used him as a prop in her little freak show. Honestly, it's gotten so bad that J.R.'s worried about him. He's agreed to spend the night to try to draw him out.

Opal: Well, now, how is J.R. Doing, I mean, what with his mama being away and all?

Tad: J.R.'s the only person in Pine Valley who's even heard from Dixie. That is, of course, except for my good friend DeVoid Hayward.


Opal: Well, now, tad, if dixie doesn't want to be found, there isn't a whole lot you can do about that.

Tad: How can you even say that to me? Mama, that's absurd. Dixie's -- Dixie is my life.

Opal: No, no, she is part of your life, a big part, yes. But you still got a whole world right here in Pine Valley, Tad.

Tad: Hmm. That's true. At least there's J.R. And Lamie. Lamie sure as hell deservers better than the mail-in father I've been lately.

Opal: Oh, now, come on.

Tad: No, it's the truth. The sad part is I always wanted to be so much like Joe -- you know, solid, patient, loving --

Opal: You are a great dad, and you're going to do right by Lamie.

Tad: Whatever that is. The fact is I don't know how much is left. Ever since Dixie divorced me, I just can't seem to let go.

Opal: Oh, sweetie.


Tad: Hey! Morning, sport. How -- how you doing? You sleep ok? Um -- you hungry? You want some breakfast? Mama, how about some breakfast? Where's J.R.?

Opal: Well, J.R.'S in the kitchen. He's eating like a starving wolf. Um -- and, hey, you know, there's a whole pile of blueberry pancakes in there waiting for you. I hid them. They're in the oven under the tinfoil. Why don't you go look for them, hmm?

Tad: [receiving FedEx] Thank you.

Opal: Yeah, I mean, I got up with the roosters to make you and the boys a big country breakfast, but it looks to me like whatever's in that envelope has stolen your appetite.

Tad: It's from Dixie.


Opal: Um -- well, I suppose you want some privacy.

Tad: No. No, mama, it's all right. I probably won't want to be alone after I read this anyway.

Opal: Well, my fanny's planted.

Tad: Here goes nothing. "Darling Tad --" is that "darling"?

Opal: That's "darling." Yes, that's "darling." Read.

Tad: That's -- that's, like, really good, right? That's a really good start.

Opal: It's a good start, yeah. Now, read it.

Tad: Oh, um -- "darling tad -- let me start by saying I'm so sorry for the way that I left you and I hated doing it. I miss you and I think of you every single moment of every single day." That's -- whoo, that's -- that's really good, isn't it? That's really something.

Opal: That's really good.

Tad: Ever since I left, you must know that I had my reasons, the biggest and the best -- a secret that I had to keep from you until now. Now that enough time has finally passed and things are -- things are beyond changing, I have news -- news that I hope will bring you happiness. A happiness that will outweigh the terrible pain of these last few months. And that when you hear it, then you'll want to share this joy with me forever."

Opal: Well, don't stop there, Tad. Keep reading. Tad? Tad, honey, are you all right?

Tad: She's -- she's pregnant.


Opal: Well, that Dixie is some letter writer.

Tad: Listen, listen, listen -- "I'm pregnant. When I found out I was carrying your child, I couldn't face you because I knew that you wouldn't want me to go through with the pregnancy, that you would be too worried about my heart. But now that I'm in my third trimest-- now that i'm in my third trimester and the worst danger has passed, and, frankly, there's no way out anymore, my doctors are very optimistic. Tad, I've had a sonogram and an amniocentesis, and our baby is perfect. And, Tad, I'm -- I'm having a girl."

Tad: "I'm having a girl. I only went through with our divorce because all I ever wanted to do is keep her. Now that I have, all i want to do is come home, if you can forgive me and if you can take me back."

Opal: And can you?


Tad: Of course I'll take her back. Dixie still loves me.

Opal: Well, that part doesn't come as much of a surprise.

Tad: This is -- i mean, this is why she did it. She was pregnant the entire time. Mama, you don't understand. She left everything. She left everyone she knows.

Opal: Yep.

Tad: I got to do something. I got to find her. I got to let her know somehow. I just --

Opal: Well --

Tad: Can't figure out what.

Opal: What are you going to do? You can't just, what, hop a puddle-jumper to Paris? What?

Tad: No, I can't. Not -- what about Lamie? There's got to be something I can do stateside. Maybe Adam -- you know, he's got people all over the world that --

Opal: Now, Tad, just calm down, ok? Keep your wits about you, you know?

Tad: Calm down? Are you kidding? Mom, I'm going to have a baby!

Opal: You're having a baby!

Tad: Oh, my god, I'm going to have a baby. Do you remember? Do you remember? You always told me my whole life, when I was growing up -- no matter what happens, it always happens for a reason. No matter how bad it is --

Opal: That's right.

Tad: Sometimes you think you hurt so bad you can't take it.

Opal: That's right.

Tad: This is why.

Opal: That's right. It's only that belief that's kept me going more times than once.

Tad: This is why. She -- Dixie's going to have a baby.

Opal: Yeah.

Tad: I'm going to have a baby. I'm going to have a -- I'm going to have a daughter. I'm going to have a daughter.

Opal: Yes.

Tad: Ok, ok.

Opal: Tad, now, look, you just better go about your business. Do what you need to do.

Tad: I can't. What about Lamie?

Opal: Well, those boys are going to be eating pancakes well into the afternoon. I can keep them busy. Don't give it another thought.

Tad: Thank you, mama.

Opal: I'll go take care of them right now. All right, all right. Be on your way, honey.

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