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             Our Favorite Tad & Dixie Scenes

     Part Deux

                      Named and chosen by 'Holics the world over...

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                We can't just tell you the date of the scene, for some reason.   We have to name them. Silly little names, but memorable. Like,

"The Fish Tie Scene." At any rate, here are .wmv clips of our favorites. If you're on a MAC instead of a PC, and want to view the

Windows Media Files, please download the player here.

Click on the picture to open a new window to play the clip. Best viewed in a small format. Enjoy!


Feb 89: After a fight with Brooke, Adam goes to the boathouse, Dixie follows.. and passion ignites.

March 89: Hired by Brooke, Tad purposely bumps into Dixie at the Boutique. (FIRST SCENE TOGETHER).

May 89: Dix is angry with Tad for claiming paternity. Tad makes his case.

May 89: Tad kisses Dixie (FIRST KISS) in front of Brooke as part of the ruse.

May 89: The baby kicks for the first time.

 May 89: Spitfire Dixie tells off Tad & Adam who are always fighting.

June 89: Dixie visits Tad in the hospital (broken ribs) and has a GALA BED with toymamas.

June 89: Ruth realizes that Gran's ring has been stolen by the thugs (Adam's goons).

July 89: Desperate to stop Dixie from going away with Adam, Tad tells her the truth.. he loves her.

July 89: While Tad & Adam fight, Dixie falls down the stairs.

July 89: Dixie goes into labor prematurely and is in danger.

July 89: Jr has been born and Tad visits Dixie.

July 89: Tad talks to the sleeping Dixie.

July 89: Still visiting Dixie.

July 89: JR is sick.

July 89: Tad dreams of Dixie's answer to his letter to run away with him.

July 89: Dixie & Junior visit Kelly's and Tad gets to hold the baby.

Sept. 89: After Adam pushes Dixie over the edge, they take her away to Laurel Hill Sanitarium.

Fall 95: Infamous Red Hot Monkey Sex scene. Also known as T&D porn.


Mar. 93: Dixie follows Tad to Napa to talk, but more happens, until the phone rings.                   

Nov. 06: T&D talk to JR about forgiveness. Tad talks about how forgiveness comes through love.


Dec. 06: Commercial for the wishing star, with our first look at Kate!


Dec. 06: Dixie finds Tad depressed and tries to cheer him up for the holidays.


Dec. 06: Dixie searches for Tad to tell him about Krystal's baby, Tad wanders in the snow. Dixie finds Clarence.

Dec. 06: Krystal begs Dixie not to tell. Clarence hears Tad's confession. Kate is found!



Dec. 06: Tad & Dixie talk about his newfound hope at Chandler Manse, while Jamie & Julia take care of Kathy.



Dec. 06: Tad plays with Kathy and the "Funnyman" goes to Wildwind with her.



Sept. '98: Blackout & Fish Tie Scene     During a brownout, Tad & Dixie search for a flashlight and find each other again. Then he challenges her to tie a windsor knot.

Sept. '98: My All Montage     Dixie tries to help Jake see Allie's POV, but ends up revealing more about how she feels about Tad, who can't help but watch her as she plays with Jamie's toys.


May. '99: Third Wedding     Wedding ceremony & vows.



May '99: NYC Honeymoon     T&D honeymoon in NYC, and Tad comes prepared. Hijinx ensue after they go out rollerblading. 





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