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             Our Favorite Tad & Dixie Scenes

                      Named and chosen by 'Holics the world over...

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                We can't just tell you the date of the scene, for some reason.

                 We have to name them. Silly little names, but memorable. Like, "The Fish Tie Scene." At any rate, here are .wmv clips of our favorites.

If you're on a MAC instead of a PC, and want to view the Windows Media Files, please download the player here.

Click on the picture to open a new window to play the clip. Best viewed in a small format. Enjoy!


May 89: Ruth & Joe find out that Tad's not the father of Dixie's baby.

May 89: Tad takes care of Dixie after her collapse.

May 89: After Nico & Cecily's wedding, T&D talk about Adam and the baby.

May 89: Tad hides Dixie at Barbara's, and suggests a name for the baby.

June 89: Dixie repays Tad for all he's done for her. "Bankbook" scene.

 89: Tad commercial

June 89: Joey asks Tad if he's in love with Dixie.

June 89: T&D argue over her engagement to Adam. Later Tad repays her kindness to him. "Pony Ride Tickets" scene.

June 89: Ruth asks Tad if he's in love with Dixie.

June 89: Joey asks Tad again, as he's off to stop her wedding.

June 89: Skye asks Tad if he's in love with Dixie.

June 89: Ruth warns Tad off the married Dixie.

June 89: First Dance together. Tad realizes he loves Dixie.

June 89: By the pool.

June 89: Tad admits to Joe that he loves Dixie.

June 89: Tad winds Dixie's yarn "Yarn Kiss".





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