Full Name: Dixie Cooney Chandler Martin Lawson Bodine Martin Martin

Born: February 3, 1962 (which makes no sense but was on her medical records in 1998). Dixie was 18 in 1989 on the show, which should make her birth year 1970 or '71. Born in Pigeon Hollow, West Virginia.

Parents: Bessie Cooney (deceased) & Seabone Hunkle

Siblings: Older brother Will Cooney/Cortlandt (murdered by Janet Green), Younger sister Melanie "Lanie" Cortlandt Rampal (lives in Paris with husband David Rampal), half-brother (Seabone's side) Del Hunkle/Henry (moved to FL with Kendall Hart, never moved back).

Marital Status: Divorced at the time of her "death." But, was on her way back to Tad now that it was safe to come home pregnant with their daughter.


  1. Adam Chandler (m. June 1, 1989)

  2. Tad Martin (m. December 29, 1989 & almost remarried on Dec. 7, 1990)

  3. Craig Lawson (m. February 1991)

  4. Brian Bodine (m. March 27, 1993)

  5. Tad Martin (m. May 13, 1994)

  6. Tad Martin (m. May 20, 1999)


  1. Adam Chandler Jr. (a.k.a., J.R.), from Adam Chandler

  2. Bess Martin (miscarried), from Tad Martin (Named for Dixie's mother)

  3. Kate Martin (presumed dead), from Tad Martin (Named for Tad's Gran)

  4. Jamie Martin (step-son), child of Brooke/Tad named after Tad.

Resides at: Currently presumed dead in Zurich, Switzerland as of May 10, 2002. Allegedly drove her car off an embankment in a snow storm on her way to the airport to reunite with Tad. Previously resided at Crossland Mansion, 646 Holland.

Employed at: Currently unemployed since she is presumed dead.

Previous jobs: Palmer's Maid, Adam & Brooke's Nanny and Maid, Glamorama Sales Rep for Enchantment Cosmetics, Hospital Patient Advocate, Teacher's Aid, David Hayward's Receptionist/Assistant, Substitute Teacher, Teacher.

Played by: Kari Gibson (August - September 1988), Cady McClain (October 1988 through May 2, 1996; July 3, 1998 through February 26, 2002)

History: Dixie was raised by her mother Bessie in West Virginia. Poor Bessie was abandoned by Seabone Hunkle (Dixie's father) in favor of another family he had in Texas. That left Bessie in a bind. Without much money, she couldn't afford to feed all three of her children, so she sent the youngest - Della (renamed Melanie for some reason) to be raised by an aunt. Will and Dixie were raised in poverty, but relied on each other. Will always looked out for Dixie as he was the eldest. When they were still young, Bessie became ill. She wrote to her brother Pete Cooney (now Palmer Cortlandt) for help, but he had disowned Bessie for getting involved with Seabone in the first place. He sent back her letters, unopened. Due to the lack of support and the lack of money, Bessie died (Initially it was some sort of pneumonia/TB, but later rewritten as a rare heart disease that only David Hayward could have cured LOL). After a few years on their own, Will and Dixie came to Pine Valley in search of their dirty, rotten Uncle Pete. Dixie got a job at Cortlandt Manor as a maid, since Palmer didn't realize who she was. After discovering the body of Silver Kane in the lake on the estate (Natalie Hunter had killed her in a struggle with a gun and Palmer had covered it up, and blackmailed Natalie into staying married to him for doing so.) Palmer went to jail for obstruction of justice and paid his way into a cushy prison work farm. Dixie then went to work for Adam and Brooke as a nanny for Brooke's daughter Laura, but when Laura was killed by a drunk driver, Dixie stayed on as a maid. She quickly became smitten with Mr. Chandler. Brooke and Adam were at odds over adopting a child. Adam wanted a surrogate mother so the child could be his, and Brooke didn't want to go that route, despite being unable to conceive, herself, due to early menopause (which the writers forgot about in 1990). Dixie, believing strongly in "blood kin" wanted to help Adam so she pretended to be Brooke at a fertility clinic, giving permission,  so he could proceed with his plans to find a surrogate. After Brooke found out what he was planning behind her back, she slammed him and threatened to end their marriage. Driven to drink, Adam escaped to the boathouse, where Dixie followed to make sure he was okay. She quickly hid the bottle from him. Her desire to help him and her schoolgirl crush coupled with Adam's inebriation led to a night of passion for them. It was Dixie's first time and afterwards she realized her foolishness when Adam simply got up and left her. Dixie broke down sobbing. However, soon it became obvious that she was pregnant. Adam, now knowing that he had his own child coming into the world, plotted to convince Dixie to let him and Brooke adopt the baby. Not knowing what to do, Dixie relented. Before Brooke would agree to adopt Dixie's baby (who Dixie claimed was fathered by "Buddy" to protect Adam) she wanted to make sure the father wouldn't contest the adoption. Brooke hired Tad to find out who the father was.... and the rest of the history is available under the STORYLINE section of this page.