Adam "JR" Chandler Jr. - (b. July 1989) The result of a one night stand between Dixie and Adam Chandler while he was married to Brooke. Raised as if he were Tad and Dixie's son since Tad bonded with the boy while Dixie was pregnant. He even started calling the kid "Junior" before Dixie picked out a name. It was Tad's tumultuous past as an abused child that drew him to protect Junior even before the child was born. Most fans who were watching at the time remember when Dixie went into premature labor that Tad was freaking out in the emergency room. Ruth tried to calm him down and reminded him that this wasn't his child. Tad's reply? "To me, it is." Tad has always had a close relationship with JR. Dixie always told JR that if he ever needed help, that Tad was the one he could turn to. JR has inherited his mother's heart. Growing up he was always an intelligent child. He was kidnapped several times, once while a baby by Karen Parker, was kidnapped by Dixie and Tad later that year, was nearly kidnapped by Adam after that, was kidnapped by Dixie when he was about 8, and was kidnapped by crazy Lee Hawkins when he was 11 ("I'm Adam Chandler Junior!").  Poor Junior witnessed Tad and Liza kissing in his living room just before Cecily & Charlie's wedding and it upset him so much that he didn't want to be in the same room with Liza. The kid was also constantly at soccer camp. Adam nearly shipped him off to boarding school, once. During his mother's dalliance with David Hayward, JR developed a drug problem with ecstasy, and later experimented with pot. He was becoming a problem child and would toss around his father's money at the drop of a hat. As Adam's son, he tried to buy his way out of situation and thought the rules didn't apply to him. Dixie was the only constant in his life and when her life crumbled, so did he. It got even worse when Dixie abruptly left town (due to her pregnancy) and told him she was leaving to take classes in Switzerland.  When we last saw JR he had taken news of his mother's death badly, his "fathers" at each other's throats, and coupled with finding out that Jamie kissed his girlfriend, he couldn't take it anymore and boarded a "tramp steamer" bound for Manila. We heard from him via letter, on the anniversary of Dixie's death. He told Tad that he knew they were both thinking of her tonight and wishing on the stars. Then he resurfaced, a married man. His wife, Arabella "Babe" Carrey Chandler (Alexa Havins), threw the Martin/Chandler families into a tailspin by sleeping with Jamie Martin before being formally introduced to everyone. Babe gave birth to a baby boy - but the child was switched by Paul Cramer for Bianca's daughter Miranda. The girl was raised as Bess Chandler for the first 8 months of her life until Babe came clean, kidnapped her son, "Ace Buchanan" from Llanview and absconded with him and Jamie Martin, telling JR his son was dead and Bess was actually Miranda. On Christmas Eve JR finally accepted the truth and gave Bess up to be reunited with Bianca. A few months later he found out that his son wasn't dead as Tad, Babe, Jamie, et al had said. Eventually he sued for full custody and won. Currently, JR's feelings for Babe have bubbled up again and they're close to a reunion, even though Babe thinks she's playing him she's falling too.

Played by: Charlotte & Margaret Baughman(1989-1992), Kevin Alexander(1993-1998), Jesse McCartney(1998-2000), Jonathan Bennett(2001-2002), Andrew Ridings(2003), Jacob Young (2003 - present).


James Edward "Jamie" Martin - (b. May 1991) The result of a brief affair between Tad and Brooke while he and Dixie were estranged. Jamie was a pretty non-descript kid who basically functioned as Juniors best friend/step-brother. Jamie was born when Brooke went into labor after a car accident with a drunk Arlene Vaughn. Brooke kept Jamie a secret from everyone. She first claimed that Tom was the father, but when Trevor started sniffing around, she said she had used a sperm donor. She admitted that she didn't want to share Jamie with the Martins because he was her miracle. (Since she wasn't supposed to be able to have children.) When Tad returned from the dead, she kept the secret from him, for months. After Tad cheated on her with Dixie, she went loopy and fled to Canada kidnapping Jamie while pregnant (ectopic). Tad gained full custody from this stunt. Later, Jamie nearly drowned when Tad fell asleep instead of watching Junior and Jamie while camping. Janet Green performed CPR and saved him. Liza once wiped Jamie's kiss off her cheek as if it were poison, she hated kids so much. Especially happy T&D kids. (Ha!) Jamie was also a victim of the soccer camp scenario. Brooke once sent Jamie down to live with Dixie in WV because of the chaos with Jim, Brooke later shot Jim Thomason in the back 5 times because he threatened Jamie. Brooke then kidnapped him to Hungary and Tad had to track them down. Jamie later wigged out when he found out about his mother sleeping with Adam. He began drinking. Then after getting hugged by psycho Nessie, he shut down and became a mute for a while. Eventually, he snapped out of it, only to try to follow in his father's footsteps as Jamie the cad. Jamie suggested to Babe that they kidnap baby Ace from Llanview and go on the run, they were found and brought back to justice. Eventually, Babe's schemes to help him got to be too much and Jamie dumped her for not trusting in their love. He also inherited a big wad of millions from Aunt Phoebe and is now studying to be a doctor.

Played by: Unnamed (1991-1992), Jamal & Jamil Azizi (1993-1994), Sean Marquette (1994-1998), Zachary Kady(1998-2000), Todd Harrison(2001), Micah Alberti(2002-2003) Justin Bruening(2003-present).


Bess Martin - (deceased. August 16, 1999) Bess was conceived just before Tad and Dixie's third wedding, on a lazy Sunday afternoon (off screen). Tad was opposed to Dixie carrying the baby to term and Dixie was adamant about keeping the baby. Secretly both had chosen the same name, Bess, after Dixie's mother Bessie, for the girl that was never given a chance. Due to complications that had nothing to do with Dixie's heart or kidney condition, Dixie miscarried. Thank you, Agnes Nixon.


Kate Martin - (presumed deceased. May 20, 2002) Before their third divorce was final, Tad and Dixie had a special night (off screen) that Tad described as magical. He said he thought it would be a new beginning for them... little did he know. Fearing that Tad would freak out and harass her to abort again, Dixie fled to Zurich, with David's assistance. The pregnancy was kept from Tad until Dixie was in her third trimester and everything was going well. Tad was over the moon when he found out. He told Opal that "everything happens for a reason" and he was so happy to be getting Dixie back, and expecting a baby girl to boot. Both were safe. Dixie had named their daughter Kate, after Tad's grandmother. Unfortunately, Dixie was allegedly killed when her car skidded off an embankment while on her way to reunite with Tad. Thank you, Angela Shapiro. Still waiting for Kate to show up... ::sigh:: All that Tad has left is a sonogram photo that Dixie framed for him and left in her apartment as a present.