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Michael Knight and Cady McClain talk about Tad, Dixie and…

The Wedding you’ve been waiting for


Let’s face it. 

Love is not enough.

 Your favorite characters could share the most romantic relationship, put their lives on the line for each other and promise to be together forever; but no matter how devoted they are, unless they make their love legal, soap opera viewers aren’t happy. 

After all, it’s a validation of their love. Even more, a celebration – after all the torment, it’s time to triumph in the success of beating the odds.


That day is coming for All My Children’s most tortured lovers, Tad and Dixie (Michael Knight and Cady McClain). Ever since Tad returned to Pine Valley, the couple has had to contend with two major stumbling blocks: Tad’s marriage to Brooke and Tad’s threatening twin, Ted.


Hopefully the worst is over between Tad and Brooke, and Michael Knight notices that “the audience on one level has been very sympathetic to Brooke; and to Julia’s (Barr) credit as an actress, she’s tearing their hearts with this situation. At the same time, Tad and Dixie have such a long history, the audience feels they belong together.”


Despite the entrance of mystery man Del, a wedding is in the works for Tad and Dixie – as soon as next month, and that’s fine for Knight and McClain.


            “I don’t think that they should have a traditional wedding,” McClain shares. “I think they should do something like skydive naked,” she laughs. “Tad and Dixie are the kind of people who have had so much trauma and nightmare, but they are people who are naturally light-hearted.”


            “Dixie used to take things very seriously; but ever since meeting Tad, she’s lightened up a lot. They need to play together. They love to have good sex just like anybody else,” McClain suddenly volunteers. “They need to spend some time on an island just having good sex!”

             Knight knows that the audience is waiting for the payoff of the wedding. “There has to be some sort of resolution,” he insists. Still, is everything resolved with Tad and Brooke?

             “I don’t know,” Michael ponders. “In your typical situation, I would say that there has been some sort of closure; but because of Jamie, the unexpected is always there. Julia does everything in her acting to keep you guessing. Anyone who thought that Brooke was steadfast was wrong – she’s now behaving in a very passionate way.

             “You never know. Agnes (Nixon) has her black belt in twists and turns,” says Knight. “She may decide that there’s one more card left to play. It may not necessarily be a romantic element; it could be that Brooke could come through at the last minute for Tad. There’s a strong friendship between Brooke and Tad, very much like the relationship with Tad and Dixie, which happened by accident. The writers found something that worked and they ran with it. Also, with Janet back in the story, anything could happen.” 

            McClain agrees: “Tad and Dixie are temperamental people. There are so many issues and their own insecurities, that somebody is coming in (Del) and stirring the pot a little bit is all that it’s going to take for them to be throwing pots and pans at each other.”

             But if you subscribe to Cady McClain’s theory on Tad and Dixie, then your money will be on the chance that they’ll make it.

             “They have what no other couple has – they have a sense of humor about themselves as a couple,” she concludes. “I think that’s the point that keeps them together more than love, passion or anything. After all they’ve been through, if they can’t sit back and laugh about it, forget it.” – RS