Full Name: Thaddeus James Gardner Martin

Parents: Opal Gardner & Ray Gardner (deceased), adopted by Ruth & Joe Martin, mistaken for son of Nola Orsini.

Siblings: Sister Jenny Gardner (deceased), Half-brother Adrian Sword (Opal's son), Step-brother Jake Martin.


Children: Unnamed child with Dottie (miscarried), Jamie Martin (with Brooke English), Bess Martin (with Dixie - miscarried), Kate Martin (with Dixie - presumed dead),  Adam Chandler Jr (aka J.R. step-son)

Resides at: Crossland Manor, 646 Holland, Pine Valley, PA

Employed at: Currently runs his own detective agency with Aiden Devane.

Played by: Matthew Anton (1973 - 1977), John E. Dunn (1978 - 1981), Michael E. Knight (1982 - 1986, 1988 - 1990, 1992 - current), Terrell Anthony (1990, when MEK was out with broken collarbone).