These are small quotes from various sources collected through the years:


MEKís 87 Emmy Speech: 

Since Tad Martin slithered out of town in December, Iíve had a lot of time to think about what the experience of working at AMC meant for four years, and the only word I can come up with is wonderful. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I would like to thank everybody at 101 W. 67th Street, upstairs and down, youíre all fantastic. I miss you very much, and I love you all.


AMC's 25th Anniversary Scrapbook:

MEK: When I first joined the show, fans were always confusing me with Michael Knight, the character David Hasselhoff played on Knight Rider. You know, the guy with the talking car. I got a bunch of letters from kids asking me for a picture of that damn car. So I sent them one of me standing in front of a beat-up Volkswagen. It didnít talk, but it got great mileage!


AMC's 25th Anniversary Scrapbook:

MEK: Tad was originally brought to AMC as a villain, which meant that, before long, he was bound to die a horrible death. So to survive, I took the advice of my castmate Dorothy Lyman, who told me that if I wanted to say something funny, I should just say it. The writers must have liked what they saw because before long, Tad became a scoundrelówith a sense of humor.


AMC's 25th Anniversary Scrapbook:

MEK: For years, David Canary and I shared a dressing room, which we both thought was hilarious because our characters hated each other. But fortunately, David and I got along, which was a good thingóbecause I had to stare at his mug for twelve hours a day!


SOW 1993

His relationship with Hickland was almost derailed by the bad timing of a waiter. "We were sitting once again over our 300th breakfast or lunch or dinner as friends," Hickland told Weekly in 1993, "and by this time we had developed this crush on each other but I was fighting it because I knew he didn't want to get involved. And he said, 'You know, I have to say this. I'm interested in you on more than a friendship basis and I think we should date. What do you think?' And just then the waiter walked up to the table and I said, 'I think I'll have a No. 37 with cheese.' He was so mad at me he didn't speak to me for three days.'" He married Hickland in 1992 in a breathtaking setting overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Knight studied acting with Manhattan acting coach Alan Savage, who he credits for turning his life around.

Hickland calls Knight "Hef" because he has an enormous collection of pajamas monogrammed with his initials.

Knight and Hickland raise many cats and one dog in their Manhattan apartment.

Knight is phobic about pictures and hates photo shoots.

SOD 2001

"There's nothing more frightening than walking into Radio City Music Hall and seeing your entire industry there. It sort of makes your butt pucker."

SOD 1998

"Here's the scenario: I come on the show at 23 years old, fresh out of acting school; I've got maybe one commercial under my belt. Just the fact that [then-executive producer] Jackie Babbin hired me ... I attribute any success I've had to her, because she said, Okay, let's give the job to this squirrel."

SOD 1998

"As lucky as I am in my career, I have to knock wood about my marriage, because I'm so very, very lucky."

SOW 1997, on his parents:

"Two of the finest people I've ever known."

SOW 1997

"I view everything in the stages of a man. When I started, pretty young things used to come up to me and say, 'I love you on the show.' Now they come up and say, 'My mother loves you on the show.' I've had a really good, long run, and I hope it lasts a few more years before Tad gets a little too long in the tooth."

SOD 1993

"That's absolute bulls---t! I make a good living, but they work me for it! And it's nothing like a million dollars."

SOD 1993, on meeting Catherine Hickland

"I was like a door prize at one of her birthday parties,"

SOD 1984

"It's so weird. I'm playing a jerk. No one should like Tad Martin. But the letters I get...I feel like writing back and saying, 'Don't you see, people like that can only hurt you. You don't aspire to be like them."

SOD 1983

"Soaps are like sink or swim. They throw you in and it's up to you to make your character work"

SOD 1983

"I think the most important part of being in the business is to remember that you have to do something for the love of it and not for the money. And I plan on spending at least the next 50 years acting, so obviously, you've got to love it."

1997 On HEXED

Iíve been playing the boy-next-door for so long, that playing a jerk is a nice change of pace.