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April 21, 2006 

Tad tells Krystal that neither Dixie nor Di ever mentioned the fate of Baby Kate and that, therefore, the baby must have died. Krystal sympathizes with Tad who says that he will survive. It is then that they notice that Adam has not yet returned. Winifred informs that Adam has left.

Adam continues to hold Dixie at gunpoint, insisting that she leave PV willingly – or be carried out. Dixie tells him that even if she were to leave, JR would soon discover the truth – nobody in PV can “keep their mouths shut.” Still Adam is adamant and tells her to write a note of goodbye to Tad.

Tad arrives to find Adam alone in the Suite and demands to know Dixie’s whereabouts. Adam tells him that Dixie, realizing what her reappearance could do to JR, has left permanently. He produces Dixie’s note. Tad identifies the letter as a fake and demands Adam tell him where Dixie is. Adam draws his gun. 

Tad is frantic – what has Adam done with Dixie? Has he turned the gun on Dixie. Adam warns him to forget that Dixie ever returned to PV or he will make sure that Tad never gets a chance to say otherwise. The two struggle and the gun flies across the room. 

Meanwhile, JR and Babe have returned from France and are searching the cargo bay a the airport for Babe’s “antique chest”. Spotting a crate, JR grabs a crowbar and begin prying open the lid, unaware that inside lies his unconscious mother.


April 20, 2006


As JR and Babe relax in the south of France, Tad arrives at the Chandler Mansion where he learns that Dixie has made her presence known to Adam. Adam feigns sympathy for Tad in an attempt to get him on side. Adam wants to keep the truth of Dixie’s return from JR. Knowing the bond that he shares with Dixie, Adam asks Tad to convince her to leave PV for the good of her son. 

Krystal asserts that JR must be told the truth and that his family must be prepared to stand by him and get him through the inevitable fallout. Tad agrees. 

Di arrives and Adam launches a verbal attack against her. She has torn his son’s life to pieces before and now she and Dixie are about to do it all again. Tad steps in telling Adam that “this is not about Di.” He says that while Adam loves his son, it is hatred of Dixie that is behind his desire to see Dixie leave again for it is Dixie that holds JR’s heart. 

A furious Adam leaves insisting that while the trio may be prepared to sit and “wring their hands” over what is about to happen to JR, he is not. 

So that JR might be shielded from the truth that Dixie chose to stay away, Di offers to “take the blame” – to say that she prevented Dixie from returning. Tad tells her that the last thing JR needs is more lies from her – or anyone else. 

Alone, Krystal tells Tad that she knows that he has been hurt deeply by Dixie’s return and questions him as to the reason his wife chose to remain hidden. Tad tells her that he “didn’t ask”. Krystal is amazed – doesn’t he want to know where’s she’s been, how she survived the accident and, most importantly, what happened to his child? 

Meanwhile, Adam has tracked Dixie to the Highroller’s Suite of Zach’s casino. He tells the unseen Dixie that he was wrong to try and pay her off – then points a gun at Dixie.


April 19, 2006


An enraged Tad confronts Di in the boardroom of Chandler Enterprises as Dixie arrives at the Chandler Mansion in search of JR. 

Tad lashes out at Di – she has known and has been keeping the truth about Dixie from him all the while professing her love for him. Just another lying “conniving, worthless Henry.” 

Di relates how Del had informed her Dixie death and together they had mourned their sisters passing. She was as surprised as anyone when she encountered Dixie at a sidewalk café in France. Di maintains that Dixie was adamant that she had no intention of returning to Pine Valley and the only reason she had impersonated her sister was to give both Tad and JR the woman they so dearly and desperately needed. 

Meanwhile, a shaken Krystal, who has discovered Dixie on the doorstep, is in shock telling Adam that she “sees dead people.” Adam opens the door and faces Dixie for the first time. During the ensuing argument, Adam attempts to buy off his former spouse in a bid to get her to leave PV and never return. Dixie rejects his offer, determined to see her son. Adam berates her, telling her that revealing herself to JR will only tear open the wound that was created with her “death” – a wound that has finally begun to heal. 

Tad is similarly wounded as Di reveals that Dixie was at Wildwind following the Mardi Gras explosion and that Dixie knew that her sister wanted Tad for herself. Di claims that she had given begged Dixie to reveal that she was alive, but that Dixie repeatedly refused.  

Tad is unmoved by her defense – her’s was an act of selfishness. She took her sister’s life not caring that in doing so she was setting Dixie’s family for even greater pain. Di is desperate. She tells Tad that she is real, that she loves him and will always love him and that it is that love that can get them through this. What she did, she did because she was afraid of losing him.  Tad tells her that her fear was justified and he leaves. 

At the Chandler Mansion, Adam informs Dixie that JR and Babe have departed for France and tells her this gives her the chance to disappear once again and spare her son the agony her resurrection is sure to bring. Dixie leaves the Mansion, making it clear that she is not leaving and that she will see JR and her grandson.


Monday, February 20, 2006



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Dixie is waiting for Di. Di is shocked to see her. Dixie is acting nice and sweet to her.  Di hugs Dixie.  Di notices her dress and realizes Dixie was at the ball. Dixie tells her she saw Del, Adam, Brooke, Jamie, David... a grown up son. Anyone else, Di asks? Oh yeah, Tad. Oh good, says Di... what did you think. I got an earful. YOU STOLE MY LIFE!

Di tells her she has no excuse. It was wrong. Dixie tells her that if she had known when she asked all those questions about her life she'd do this she would have NEVER OPENED THE DOOR! Di tells her she's right but back then this wasn't a plan. Dixie is very scary LMAO. She has her hands on Di's face now.

Di tells her that David put her up to it. He wanted to hurt JR, Adam and Tad. He convinced her to become the nanny to be with Little A. And from there she fell in love with the family. She called Dixie. But Dixie said, no. Don't keep bringing it up. She wasn't coming home. And she saw how they needed Dixie. And the minute they got her JR became compassionate, Tad opened up and all things were possible. Then Dixie says, and then they found out the truth and they were worse off than before... tell me Di... was it worth it?

You claim you're in love with my family and only want what's best for them... so you trick them into thinking I'm alive only to hurt them all over again when they find out you're a fake? Di twists it all on Dixie. You can stop the pain, you're alive. Tell them. She should have told them she was alive. Dixie says not to try turning things on her. Di tells her she is still paying for her crime. She didn't run. she took the abuse because it was coming to her. She hurt them, but slowly by not running away she's gaining their respect. I was wondering how you got Tad to be so forgiving... that kiss he planted on you didn't exactly scream "Get lost, loser." LOL Di replies... is that what you're so mad about... you caught me kissing Tad.

Meanwhile, Tad is flashing back to Dixie walking in on him in the Holiday's rubble... .and opens his eyes, some woman is touching his shoulder in the present and says... "Dixie?" he says.

It's Brooke.  She says you called me Dixie. I was daydreaming, Tad said. Wishing on a star? Hardly.. How is it on one of the darkest days of this town I can take a trip to fantasyland? Is there an expected way for you to deal with today. Tad says on a day like today you'd think I'd be thinking of moving on. We're alive. It's long overdue. It's time for Tad Martin to come up with a new life, no matter what's tugging at my heart. Boy, if that works, can I have the book rights, says Brooke. They leave.

Dixie continues, Let's just suppose I wanted to come back some day. Your selfish little scam has made that all but impossible. Di retorts, I'm sorry, you can't go there. I begged you to let me tell them you were alive. I told you how desperate they were and you told me to drop it. I'm all for you coming back but they are going to freak out that you stayed away on purpose.. and when they found out that I knew all along.. that's no my lie. It's yours. Dixie asks if she enjoyed betraying her. While we're at it little sis... stabbing me in the back... what did you tell them about my baby?

Di says, you never told me anything about the baby. Dixie: It's not about what I told you it's about you told them. Di: I told them she died in the accident. Dix: Great... so not only did they find out you were a fraud... they had to mourn Kate again. Di: But they had you again... Dixie: why couldn't you just be happy being the aunt? You don't get it. This was MY life. I earned this life and you just took it! Di: I took it because you just let it go. So, do what you want.. .it's up to you to save your family. Di goes to leave.

Meanwhile, Tad is walking up the walk to Wildwind and about to knock on the door.

Preview: Di over Tad...you've waited too long to give yourself a second chance (Dixie in adjoining room, anxious)... I want to earn a place in your heart... they kiss (Dixie walks in and sees them).




Friday, February 17, 2006


Tad finally gets inside where Dixie was... and the spot is empty. He finds a mask from the ball and tells

Jamie that there was a "mystery woman" at the ball wearing this mask. She refused to take it off when everyone else did.

David and Palmer are rescued, and David gloats to Joe that his worst nightmare is about to come true... he's

going to be back at the hospital. He keeps going on and on about this, but Joe is too busy tending to Palmer to even hear him.

Di enters Wildwind... she starts walking toward the back and from around the corner comes Dixie. She stands there, with a

REALLY pissed off look on her face. Di looks like she's gonna puke.




Thursday, February 16, 2006


Tad keeps trying to get to where Dixie is. JR hears Palmer call out and everyone stops helping Tad and goes to help Palmer. Jamie

asks Tad how strong a feeling did he have that someone was in that hole? Tad said it was enough of a feeling to continue.

David gets Palmer to promise on Dixie's name that he'll have him reinstated at the hospital if he gives him the pills. While

the others rescue Palmer, Dixie flashes back to fighting with Tad... and stats digging herself out.



Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Tad yells out to Dixie, but doesn't know it's her, that they're coming for her and will get her out soon. She remembers their

last wedding, with Tad promising never to give up on their love. She calls out to him "Tad, I'm here!" and he hears her, but

looks confused. He's the only one who heard her.

Meanwhile, David Hayward is trapped with Palmer, right next to where Dixie is and she can overhear everything.

Palmer is having chest pains and David is holding Palmer's pill case. Teasing him about dying. Palmer begs for his

medicine. David taunts him again. David evilly claims that he can't give him any medicine because he doesn't have a license to

practice medicine anymore. He could get sued if he gave him the pills (they're Palmer's OWN pills!). Dixie flashes to

her telling off David and saying that sleeping with him cost her everything she loved - JR, Tad, her family. It just wasn't worth it.

More fighting with David and a frantic Palmer with pains in his chest. More of David blackmailng Palmer for his job back.






Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Tad is the first to come to after the blast. He begins looking for anyone who could be alive. He calls out for Di, Jamie, JR, etc.


Meanwhile, Dixie is trapped in a pocket. She hears Tad call out and flashes back to seeing him alive for the first time, after he died.

Their happy, NYC 1993 reunion, flashes before her eyes and she looks toward where Tad is.


Tad seems to get a funny feeling any time he's anywhere near where Dixie is buried, like he knows she's there but can't believe it.



Monday: February 13, 2006



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Dixie continues lurking at the Mardi Gras ball and overhears Adam confront Di again about pretending to be Dixie and hurting her

son and family. Tad comes by to act as Di's white knight against Adam's tirade. Adam is disgusted by Tad and thinks

Tad's protecting Di is an insult to Dixie's memory. Tad threatens to hit Adam. Adam tells them that Dixie deserves better than this,

but they deserve each other.

Dixie can't take hearing this and steps out for a bit of air. Di suggests that Adam may be right and asks Tad what would

happen if Dixie were alive and here (not that she knows LOL) Tad gets hurt and defensive. She's not. She's dead and

he doesn't care anymore. Tad kisses Di as Dixie stands there shocked. Dixie once again escapes to catch her breath.

When Kendall announces that they're all to unmask and reveal their true selves, everyone but Dixie complies.

Simone approaches her and tries to get her to unmask, right in Tad's line of sight, but Ethan drags

her off to dance just in the nick of time.

Just then Amanda runs in to warn Jamie that they need to clear the ballroom. But, it's too late.

Janet's gas leak ignites sending a fireball throughout the mansion and leaving bodies

strewn all over. Eventually, one moves. It's Tad. He's bloody and bruised and he sits up

and asks "Is anyone alive?"


"How High The Moon"


Somewhere there's music, how faint the tune
Somewhere there's heaven, how high the moon
There is no moon above and love is far away too
'Til it comes true
That you love me and I love you

"Somewhere there's music, how near how far
Somewhere there's heaven, that's where you are
The darkest night would shine if you would come to me soon
Until you will, I'll still my heart, how high the moon

"Somewhere there's music, how faint the tune
Somewhere there's heaven, how high the moon
The darkest night would shine if you would come to me soon
Until you will, I'll still my heart, how high the moon"



Friday, February 10, 2006


Dixie continues to lurk at the party. She over hears JR tell Adam that he's pathetic trying to use his mother's memory

as a means to control him. Dixie would call him for what he was.


JR gives Babe the wishing star necklace as Dixie overhears from the bushes. JR proposes to her and they kiss. They discuss

JR's pre-nup and how he's ripping it up. He's sorry he listened to Adam. He loves her. Babe gets the impression that his kiss

"was one of the real ones" and JR tells him they'll all be real from now on. Dixie leaves the bushes.


Adam confronts Di about JR. Di teases him that JR is out from under his thumb and in love. Adam accuses her of

making him weak by faking being Dixie. Dixie is aghast. Adam warns that Babe will ruin his life.



Thursday, February 9, 2006


At the party, Dixie crashes wearing a black dress and mask. She first spies Babe, making out with her brother Del. JR approaches them

and makes snide remarks about Babe's lack of morals. Babe & JR fight about who's dumping whom. Babe swears that no matter what

she's not giving up on her son.


Dixie follows JR as he is met with Tad & Di. Di is concerned about JR. He tells Di to stuff it. He hasn't forgiven her. Tad says holding

grudges isn't good. JR accuses him of using Di to replace Dixie. Tad tells him that Dixie is dead. JR snarks back "at least one of us



Di confronts Babe about what happened earlier with JR. Babe tells her to stuff it. Babe asks how she can defend JR

when he treats her like crap. Di says it's because she loves him and she hopes that what Babe's doing is

also because Babe loves him.


JR tells Adam he's marrying Babe and is going to tear up the pre-nup. Choke on that. JR tells Adam he's giving Babe

Dixie's wishing star necklace. Adam says it would be an insult to Dixie.




Monday: December 26, 2005



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Tad rushes over to Wildwind looking for Di. He wants to tell her something. Julia informs him that she left town. Tad's pissed off

because he thought she'd be all worried about Little A's kidnapping, and instead she doesn't even care! Julia tells him

she left before news of the kidnapping broke.

Di and Dixie hug. Di tells Dixie that it's Christmas in Pine Valley. Dixie somberly says "I remember those." She seems distant

and detached from her life there, a little sad, and bitter like she never bounced back from what life dealt her in Zurich. She's

surprised when Di tells her about "Little Adam," Dixie didn't even know his name. "Wow, that name. I can't get over that name.

Well, (laugh) what else did I expect?" Obviously, Dixie has no idea of the goings on in PV since she's been gone. Di asks

if she's decided if she's going to go home.

Dixie asks why Di decided to stay in PV. Di tells her that it's beautiful there and she loves Dixie's family. It's the closest

thing she's had to family. Dixie's a little concerned about how strange it was to find out about a long-lost half-sister.

Di side-steps the whole "fake Dixie" stuff with "It took some adjusting." Dixie sternly remarks that she's glad she touched

base with her before going there. Di replies that she owed that to her. They were everything Dixie said... so easy to love.

JR can be tough, with a razor tongue, but that's all defense mechanism because inside, he's got his momma's heart. Jamie

is strong, funny, and generous and cuts through all of JR's static...they fight, but they're brothers. She tells Dixie that so much of

her lives on in them. JR, Jamie & Tad... they miss Dixie so much.

Tad and Julia talk about Christmases without Dixie and Noah. Julia wants to know if they get better. Tad says sure. Julia

knows better. Just not better enough.

Dixie asks about Tad. Di says he's fine. Dixie wants to know if he's in love. Di sidesteps the sticky stuff again with "No one

can take your place," and then begs her once more to return home.

Tad and Julia continue... Christmas is for kids, anyway. Tad tells a story of Jamie & JR when they were kids. They had

differing views on how to approach Christmas morning. JR was in a mad rush first thing to open everything in sight. Jamie

was concerned about if Santa ate his cookies, and then would check each present carefully... and it would drive

JR nuts. Tad says he and Dixie loved every minute of it. Julia talks about wanting kids. Tad encourages her not

to give up on her dreams. Julia asks about Tad's dreams... he tells her about the wishing star. How he and Dixie

used to wish every year and even after she died he kept up tradition. This year he didn't know what to wish for.

Dixie says it's not that simple! Di doesn't understand. Di replies that they'd be so happy and welcome her

back with open arms (and Di would know, having already done that). Dixie says it's not that simple. They

can't go on as if nothing ever happened. Di doesn't know why not. Dixie nearly cracks "Do you think I like

being out of touch with my son? Not being able to hold my grandchild? I think about them constantly" Di won't know their

reactions. Di says she knows exactly how they would respond if Dixie returned. Dixie says a happy ending would take a miracle.

Di tells her that she never did before, but now she believes in miracles. After all, her sister is alive. She loves

Dixie's family and hates this secret. She wants to tell them Dixie's alive.

Babe & JR are in the mansion. Babe hands JR a gift bag. He hasn't gotten her anything. She says she already got

what she wanted most...he's beginning to love her again. JR tries to brush it off as nothing, he's defensive. He

doesn't know if he can trust her. She gives him the gift. It's a photo of him and Dixie from when he was a baby.

All the hurt from this year will go away. Dixie loves you and is smiling down on you from heaven.

Dixie holds Di to her promise. Di tells her the more she sees them all miss Dixie the harder it is to keep the secret.

Di hands Dixie a photo of all of them... Tad, JR, Jamie and Little A. In case she's forgotten or in case she

changes her mind.

Tad tells Julia a story about Dixie's "cholesterol healthy egg-free eggnog" that everyone hated but didn't

have the heart to tell her. Julia suggests they both be more like Del, who lives in the moment. Noah & Dixie are gone

and they'd want them to be happy. Tad reluctantly agrees. Honor the past but embrace the future.

Dixie appreciates Di keeping in touch. A few phone calls here and there. Di still doesn't understand Dixie's reasons

for staying away. Dixie teases, maybe some day you'll get to walk a mile in my moccasins. For now, JR has his aunt Di.

He must adore you, Dixie says. I try, Di replies as she goes to leave... and she once more asks Dixie to think

about returning home.


The end credits had Cady listed as Dixie Martin. Clips from the past year were shown and the following song played (very apropos

for the Dixie storyline!)


Ron Sexsmith - Maybe This Christmas

Maybe this Christmas will mean something more
Maybe this year love will appear
Deeper than ever before
And maybe forgiveness will ask us to call
Someone we love
Someone we’ve lost
For reasons we can’t quite recall
Mmm, maybe this Christmas

Maybe there’ll be an open door
Maybe the star that shined before
Will shine once more, ohhh

Mmmmmmm, mmmmmmmm

And maybe this Christmas will find us at last
In heaven, at peace
Prayed for at least
For the love we’ve been shown in the past
Maybe this Christmas
Maybe this Christmas


Friday: December 23, 2005



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We open with Tad walking over and sitting on a bench in the snow. He gazes upward, searching for the T&D wishing star  but

seems unable to voice his thoughts. From stage right we hear the beatific Father Clarence, worker of PV miracles, comment

that it's a beautiful night for a wish. Tad gets up, clearly startled, "I'm sorry, do I know you?" No, replies the padre

"But I knew Dixie."

When we resume the scene Tad comes forward wanting to know how Father Clarence knew Dixie. "Remarkable young woman," he

proclaims. Inquisitive Tad won't let it go, did Clarence know her from his church? Avoiding the line of questioning,

Clarence declares that "a lie is a terrible thing. Some of them seem insurmountable and the best way through

that is forgiveness." That's the business he's in. Tad's confused and doesn't understand how they got to this

topic. Clarence continues that things can be difficult to understand, a truth can be a lie, and a lie can be a truth. Tad retorts

that maybe he needs a map to follow this convo. "Just turn it over in your mind and you may be surprised what comes to you," the

priest replies.  Looking skyward, Clarence sees T&D wishing star and tells Tad to make his wish. Tad looks skyward, confused, and

turns to Father Clarence, who has mysteriously vanished.

Tad sits, and starts his talk with Dixie's "spirit" via their star. He says that many people expect him to be making wishes with someone

new by now, but he's not ready to shake her, not yet. Tad believes that they'll always be a part of each other. Then he goes off

on a tangent about Di. How Di says that Tad thinks  loving her [Di] is a betrayal of Dixie, maybe she's right, he wonders aloud. He

wants to stop thinking about Di, but can't. Somehow he's got both of them all muddled up in his heart. For the first time ever

Tad doesn't know what to wish for.

We see Di enter a strange building with statues and marble and luxurious appointments. She's carrying bags. "I told you I'd

come if I could. Merry Christmas, Dixie." And then the camera pans right... and there is Dixie, standing in a window

with a bright light shining upon her.


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