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AMC’s Cady McClain Puts on Her Pizza Face 

HAVING APPEARED IN commercials since age 9, Cady McClain (Dixie, All My Children ) is a veteran of dozens of television advertisements. "I lost count a long time ago," she says. She recently landed her first one since joining AMC ‑ a TV spot for McCain Ellio's Healthy Slices frozen pizza.

"AMC had little to do with my getting the job," she says. "I went in and auditioned with everybody else." The people didn't even recognize her at first. "The day of the shooting they came up to me and asked, 'Are you the one who's on the soap opera?' "

The commercial features shots of McClain, along with several other actors, biting into the pizza. "It's just reaction shots," she says. "I don't get to talk." While not a spokesperson, she does say that the pizza "is awfully good. When you do commercials and you're eating, they have what they call, a spit bucket. You have to do so many takes that you'd be eating about five pizzas. So you spit it out. This was really good, and they had to tell me, 'Cady, spit it out. You're going to get ill.'"

McClain is very happy to be doing commercials again. "I love commercials. They're fun. I like to sell. I've always liked that. And you get to eat and get paid for it." ‑ GJW