SOD February 5, 1991                                                                                   




When Tad plummeted off a bridge on ALL MY CHILDREN, he lost his memory and headed straight for the open road.  In real life, Michael E. Knight (ex-Tad) turned up in much tonier surroundings.  Just two weeks after Tad's disappearance, Knight was invited to a Christmas reception at the White House.  He escorted Sandra Hayley, a deputy White House press secretary, to the event, while good pal Patrick Stuart (AMC's Will) came with Ann Brock, Barbara Bush's director of scheduling.

It turns out that several White House staffers are AMC devotees.  "As we passed by some of the rooms that are restricted to the public, " says Patrick, "one burly White House guard approached us and said to Michael, "Do you really have amnesia?"  No, Michael laughed, then headed back to the buffet for more smoked turkey and "egg nog you could die for."