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The Church of 'Holicology

Founded 1999

Brothers and sisters! Lend me your ears. For I come to praise Tad and Dixie, not to bury them. For the good soap lord hath given us such a worthy couple to admire and we shall sing their praises 'til kingdom come! Can I get an Amen?

Fear not, my breathren, for we aren't an insane cult worshipping false idols. Nay, we are merely devoted fans of the most romantic couple ever on daytime (who obviously have too much creative time on their hands and a very wacky sense of humor). What is a "'Holic?" you may ask yourself. Well, my brethren, I am here to tell you.

Back in the Dark Ages (June '96 - June '98) when AMC land was devoid of Dixie, a small group of believers roamed the internet seeking solace; for they felt a great emptiness and void on All My Children. Lo, each was somehow lead, some believe by a greater soap power, to find each other on AOL. There a devout group of fans had fought for and gained the right to keep a "Tad & Dixie" folder back in 1996. For that, we owe sisters Amy3c,  Steph,  M-H, and JOTCHR, who petitioned the board monitors to keep that board open after Cady first left AMC. From there the 'Holics grew. One by one brothers and sisters found the message board, then run by a joint effort between AOL and ABC, and were in awe. There were others like them. Others who still loved Tad & Dixie and who loved to talk about them. Others who had kept video tapes of their favorite scenes. More came, and the folder grew. Little did the AOL brethren know that the same thing was happening on Prodigy.com, where sisters LuvDix and DixieBear posted, and also on Compuserve! An offline petition was created in early 1997 asking for Dixie's/Cady McClain's return to AMC, and it was circulated, and it was good. The group needed a name and since our members crave Tad & Dixie as much as a chocoholic craves chocolate, the term Tad & Dixie Holics was coined.

Slowly, the 'Holics went forth and multiplied, for it is the soap given duty of all 'Holics to be fruitful and spread the word. And then in July '97 a website was put up. The original Tad & Dixie page was created by M-H and Steph, and many were impressed. Including Cady McClain, who visited and signed the page creating quite the 'Holic feeding frenzy. Then news of Megan McTavish's return as headwriter reached us in late 1997, and we rejoiced because of all AMC writers it was agreed upon that McTavish captured the true love and humor of Tad & Dixie best. And a campaign was launched, once more, this time the 'Holics sent in letters with gold stars on the envelopes, commemorating T&D's wishing star. And the letters were heard, and there was much rejoicing. And Cady did return in July of '98, and cited "the fans" as the reason she returned, and there were parties nightly in the T&D folder on AOL. All AMC fans were invited. The 'Holic crusaders who fought long and hard for this are now known as the 'Holic Inner Sanctum (HIS). To read some H.I.S. testimonials, follow the link below.

Then, in 1999 we had an idea. We wanted to do something memorable for Christmas, and Alyssa jokingly suggested that we all chip in and buy a real star from the Celestial Registry for T&D. Everyone loved the idea, so many (52 to be exact) chipped in. You can find the Tad and Dixie star in the Pegasus Constellation (22 hrs, 39 min, 19.6 degrees). To see the certificate, you can visit the site Alyssa put up: Tad and Dixie's Star  Cady was sent the original certificate and Michael (as well as TPTB) were sent color copies.  Michael and Cady actually had the certificates hanging up in their dressing rooms. The following year, we sent everyone paperweights. A rock, saying "Tad & Dixie." Even though, at the time we felt more like throwing these through TPTB's office windows, these were sent in with 24K gold-plated  heart charms and a note saying "Tad & Dixie, carved in stone" along with a quote from scene in 2000 where Tad told Jake "Dixie and I must be carved in stone somewhere." (Haha) Now they are:

What is a 'Holic?  Chances are, if you've sought out this website and are reading this page, you may already be a member. We consider anyone who loves the pairing of Tad & Dixie above all other pairings and potential pairings for these two characters, a 'Holic. Hallelujah!




















































































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