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Headwriter Megan McTavish gives you a special preview

            “Tad and Dixie are happy at last,” says All My Children headwriter Megan McTavish; and those words are music to the ears of All My Children fans everywhere.

            It hasn’t been an easy road for this long-suffering couple. But then again, the course of true love never runs smooth. In the pas few months, the two have had to face seemingly insurmountable odds. First, Tad (who everybody assumed was dead) came back with a bad case of amnesia and a mysterious hankering for his former love, Dixie. During his absence from the Pine Valley, she had picked up the pieces of her life and had fallen in love with a new man, or two. Then, to complicate matters, Tad’s identical twin, Ted, appeared from nowhere and  (to make a long story short) ended up falling for Dixie; and later took her and Tad on a camping trip so twisted it made “Deliverance” look tame.

            After having stared death square in the eye, Dixie and Tad returned from the Canadian woods, ready to reaffirm their love and spend the rest of their lives safely nestled in the warmth of each other’s arms. Yes, there was that pesky matter of his marriage to Brooke; but Tad and Dixie weren’t going to let a little thing like that stand in the way of their love.

            It took some time, some tears, a great deal of pillow talk and a few days in court; but Tad and Dixie finally got their wish, and now the two lovers are ready for a lifetime of sunny skies.

            But, is there a storm cloud hovering nearby?

             “We felt it was time to give them some happiness,” McTavish assures. “But you don’t want to let your top characters languish on the backburner, either.” As a result, McTavish and the powers-that-be dreamed up the next monkey wrench to be thrown into this perfect lover’s nest.

             No, it’s not Brooke. McTavish says that Brooke is going to move on with her life, and strike up a new friendship with someone already on the canvas. The trouble-maker is named Del; and now that’s he’s in town no one’s life will ever be the same again!

             “Del is coming into their lives – I can’t tell you who he is – but we know at this point that he is very, very fixated on Dixie. The audience doesn’t know why,” she says. “I can tell you that he’s from Texas. The actor himself is from Texas, and I kind of liked that idea because there is nobody like that on the canvas. He’s basically a jack-of-all-trades, but he hasn’t been very successful at anything. He wants to be a writer, and that’s one thing that he’s sincere about.”

             Del gets himself a job at the Chicken Shack working with Palmer and Opal. Almost immediately, he strikes up a friendship with Dixie; and it seems innocent enough. However, when Del and Tad finally meet, Tad’s private investigator instincts kick in; and he gets a feeling in the pit of his stomach that something’s amiss. Not wanting to seem paranoid, Tad ignores his uneasiness with this mysterious cowboy.

             On the nearby horizon, things for Tad and Dixie are looking good. McTavish says bells will be ringing in the not too distant future. “It’s a pretty safe bet to say they’ll be married,” McTavish reveals, assuring viewers that the romantic affair they’ve been waiting for is on it’s way.

             While Del may pose a threat to this couple’s happiness, McTavish says Tad Martin “is a force to be reckoned with;” and their love is strong enough to withstand almost anything.

             “I think they are both very passionate people. They may come to loggerheads at times, but it would take a hell of a lot to break them up. I’d especially hate to break them up over anything petty: I don’t think the audience wants to see that. And we don’t want to write it.

             “This is a great love and it is going to weather a lot. We are not going to go through all this and then call it quits.” McTavish asks fans to remember Tad and Dixie’s history, and the last time the duo split.

             “If we look at their first marriage, Palmer stuck his fingers in their relationship; and Will did also. Then Dixie got proud and Tad got proud, and they ended up splitting. They were kids then and they were hotheaded. Tad told Dixie, ‘Give up your family for me.’ That was a really young thing go say.

             “They ended up splitting over things that adults that truly love each other should get through. But they were young then, and it didn’t take a whole lot to disturb the balance.”

             She’s quick to point out that the two characters have come back against great odds, with a new appreciation for each other.

             “When you’ve lost something and you get it back, you cherish it; and you take better care of it,” she says. “It’s like a ring; if you find your ring after you’ve lost it, you’ll take much better care of it.”

             Here she pauses, and takes time to remind us that this is a soap opera; and nothing lasts forever.

             “Then again, if someone steals that ring from you, that’s a different story…” -- MDC