SOW January 1, 1991                                                                                      





At Cady McClain's (Dixie, All My Children ) goodbye party for Michael E. Knight (Tad), the cast presented him with a gift for the guy who has everything. It's called Vision Quest, and comes equipped with glasses with flashing lights and headphones that blip - all designed to synchronize the two hemispheres of the user's brain. And you thought this sort of stuff only surfaced in California. Walt Willey (Jack) gave Michael a cartoon he'd done of them as their alter egos The Honeymooners'  Ralph Kramden (Walt) and Ed Norton (Michael), and producer Felicia Behr gifted him with a golden hourglass as a symbolic dig at his tendency to run a bit late.


Everyone dined on huge, luscious platters of Carmines' Italian specialities. "We stuffed our faces," says Cady. "Antipasto, focaccio, calamari, pasta till you could die. People were, like, 'Cady - stop the food!' " It was washed down with the excellent house wine. "We definitely had too many toasts, and we all sort of staggered home." Actually, Michael, Walt, Trent Bushey (David) and Michael Brainard (Joey) made their way to the China Club for a sort of bachelor party. "You have to let the guys do their things," Cady says philosophically.