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Cady McClain knows what it’s like to be in love for she’s been in love several times, both as herself and as her onscreen counterpart Dixie Cooney on AMC. Her fans know that she’s been linked romantically to Terrell Anthony (ex-Rusty, GL) and Paul Michael Valley (Ryan, AW), and rumors have been running rampant of a current romance (though she admits that it’s not “heavy duty”) with a former co-star who shall remain nameless at Cady’s request.

Being that it’s Valentine’s Day, we thought that we’d ask the Daytime Emmy Award winner some questions about love and romance, being that she’s an expert on both.

 How do you define love?

A pain! No, that's terrible. There's a lot of ways to define it. It's a feeling of joy, bliss; being right where you should be.

 How do you know when you're in love?

Everything about that person delights you.

 Are you in love now?

I'm in love with life. I'm trying very hard to be in love with life. As for a personal relationship, it's too complicated to discuss.

 Is it difficult being in love with a fellow actor as opposed to someone out of the business?

I think that everybody I've ever dated has been an actor, so I really don't have much basis for comparison. I do like people who are actors; I fall in love with actors because actors are so close to being like children. They love to play, they love to be looked at. They're just charming and they're so creative.

 What's been your most memorable Valentine's Day?

When I was in third grade, almost my entire class gave me Valentine's Day cards. That was really special. I just felt especially loved, so popular.

 What's the best Valentine's Day gift that you ever received?

A box of Dunkin' Donuts. That meant a lot to me. It was great; something fun that had nothing to do with Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is there, I guess, to remind us to love one another.

 What's been the most romantic time of your life? I spent some time in the midwest and I had nothing to do. And to me that was romantic. There was also the time when I was dancing with somebody in this empty ballroom of a really beautiful hotel; it was about 2 a.m. and nobody else was around and we were dancing on the dance floor. It was really romantic.

 Being that Tad is the big love of Dixie's life, when they finally meet again, how will it affect her and her relationship with Brian?

I think that it will be a big blow to her. Seeing Tad will blow her mind. Being that she's written him off completely, I think that she'll be ecstatic but majorly confused. It will flip her out. As for Brian, as much as she loves him, that relationship will definitely have to be put on hold. Hopefully Brian will be understanding.